Cock worship

It would be true to say that if someone had asked me two years ago if i was someone who found worshipping a man’s cock an attractive prospect, i would have laughed in their face.

This was before i realised what an amazing organ the right cock is, especially when your body has been owned by another and it is expected that you give that body up to the desires of your man.
I learned a lot in my previous relationship. He taught me how to suck his cock in the way he wanted, to recognise that it was not my need that was important but that He was the important one. While He used my mouth quite a bit, actually He used my cunt and arse more. But it is true he helped me well on the way to being a cock worshipping slut. 
The relationship i have now is a little different. The key thing is that Graeme is so receptive to the things i do for Him. He has taught me the things He likes and since i like to please i have set about to do them. The more i touch and suck His cock in the way he wants, the more i show just how much i am growing to love His cock the more he feels aroused by the way in which i do and in turn the more i want to worship it.
The first thing i did was to hand over control of my body to Graeme. This was not hard, since i don’t have anyone else to give it to, other than to retain it for myself, and where is the fun in that? While it can be enjoyable to keep your orgasms for yourself it is more fulfilling to give them away to another, plus with that comes ownership of more of your body.
So i willingly gave up His ownership of all of my body to Him and i definitely don’t regret it. With it comes lots of touching of His body, including in public as well as a great deal of penetration. With both of those comes orgasms, provided and given back to him in a variety of ways and with subtly different feelings for me (all good). The best part though is that i am now able to worship a cock that i love. 
It is hard to describe why and how this is different for me. It is not about size or shape, nor is it about who gave me the better time as each time is good in its own way.
But this is about knowing that This Man at this time appreciates the way in which i care for Him. It is about knowing that He likes the things my mouth can do for Him. The more He lets me know that He appreciates the way i love His cock then the more i want to worship it. 
So, while cock worship is about the feel, the smell, the taste of Him, it is also about what that worship does and for me, that goes to the heart of my submission. Something i have written about here today, as i approach the end of the second year of my journey.