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Connection and worship

Last night I asked New Dom what I should call him here. We discussed Gadget Man, but I know he wasn’t keen on that in the first instance and any way he is way more than his various toys. So we have settled on my calling him Graeme, which as it happens is his name.

We discussed our connection. New as it is, it is also quite intense. He was a little worried, having read comments here that he was taking me further than I have been before very quickly. I have reassured him that I am ready for that and am happy with how things are. What we are doing together feels right for both of us and I have no desire right now to do things any differently. We talked about our next play time and also some time to just be together which will hopefully be tomorrow after work.

Graeme is quite interested in the CWS blogging area and in cock worship generally. He has read my blog on the subject, and no doubt had a look on Spanky’s blog of the same name. I am really sad that Spanky is closing things down, though I understand his reasons and agree that our posts belong on our own blogs anyway.

Having a new cock to worship is something I am enjoying as part of this new relationship. I haven’t exactly worshipped very many (well one other) and generally he taught me to worship his in the way he wanted. The great thing now is that I get to adapt that style to a new man and he can get me doing what he wants. Feels like a win win on all sides.

Most of all though I am getting to explore new aspects of my submission, I am getting to connect with Graeme regularly and to see him often. We both have needs which require satisfying and it seems that I have found the right person to do so with. What are the chances of managing this twice in a row?

Sometimes you just have to take what life offers and if that offers the opportunity for part of you to be owned by another and for you to be able to worship part of them – well  – Let it be (as some 60’s pop group once said)!

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