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New Dom would like me to refer to myself in the third person when i am in submissive role. He feels it will help me to explore my submission more and to hand more of myself to him (or something like that). At the same time i will call him Sir or Master, or as a further suggestion Lord. I nearly fell off my chair at that one and he wondered if i was being a little bratty! i expect i was, but i think that this girl will call Him Sir or Master rather than Lord!

If there is one thing that i know, it is that it will take me a while to get used to referring to myself in a whole new way. i know there are others on who do so as a matter of course, but for me this is new. But as ever i am up for a challenge and so i will be doing that today when he and i are together. Then when i right about it tomorrow i will give the whole third person a whirl here.

We are planning a longer time together this afternoon and evening and dinner will be involved, maybe i won’t emerge again until tomorrow, who knows. I am expecting some new things today, but i don’t know what he is planning and like the slight edge of the unknown anyway.

He has also decided to read my blog, to find out more about me, he says. i have nothing to hide, so i am happy for him to do that.  He says that what he has read so far is interesting!

The main complication to all this is his lady who is far away. She is anxious about the relationship He and i are developing, but i am hoping to chat to her today. I have no wish to get between them and would walk away if i had to. I think though that this is something he needs and to be selfish here, so do i right now. He and i have a connection, one that i didn’t expect. But i am not letting emotions get in the way too much, since i have been hurt before. Therefore this girl will take every day as it comes and enjoy what she can. You can’t do more than that can you?


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