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One of the big things i have learnt over the past couple of years is that submission is about undertaking some level of worship of my Dom, physically and on another level emotionally. If someone has a body (particularly the manhood attached to that body) that is pleasing to the eye and to the touch then physical worship is quite easy. Who doesn’t want to kneel while she has her mouth around a large cock? Who doesn’t want to feel Him inside her. It is the emotional worship that is more important though. The submission for me is about that latter state and it is that which i think i have needed to learn and to understand.

At the same time, the Dom wants to claim the sub for his own. He wants her to worship Him physically, openly invite being used by Him. What better way than with his manhood. For Him also though it is about being worshipped and possessing her emotionally. 
Last week, by concentrating on my needs my new Dom began that process. There wasn’t all that much in the way of cock worship, but by starting to own my body and my mind i began to see that i most definitely wanted to worship. Orgasm after orgasm washed over me and through the pleasure and pain i began to submit to him. We both knew that yesterday, date two, would be different. When i arrived i was already his possession, i was already in full submission mode. But he set about getting me to show how i would worship him. 
His cock is large enough that it fills each of my holes. He made full use of me and it was good to be filled by him. It was the anal sex though that made me want to worship Him more, and made us both realise complete possession had taken place. He entered me from behind, with me lying on my side. He moved gently, then more quickly and roughly inside me. As is often the case these days my orgasm which was already close began to build; a fully penetrated arse does something serious to my senses and i can pretty much cum without much other stimulation. For a long time after this we lay together. Him very hard and long inside me, and me completely fulfilled by the possession that was taking place. We talked, he tweaked and squeezed my nipples and from time to time stroked my clit. But the over riding thing was the presence of his cock inside my most private place. We both know he wanted to stay there as long as possible so that i knew that i was His, that i was owned by Him.
When it came to taking Him in my mouth later, the feelings of worshipping Him and that wonderful cock almost overwhelmed me. I was able to take Him deep in my throat and to give him the pleasure He wanted. 
I guess this means that I do belong in the Cock Worshipping Society.

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