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It is such a good feeling to have been thoroughly used again. Today, we had our second playdate and this time is was about Him and not me. i have to say that this sub is very happy about this. i feel very very used.

i worried about whether i would like His cock as much i did S’s. i am not disappointed. He has a very worshipful cock. This is a good thing, as it means i will soon be able to write for the CWS rather than being struck off as an author! But i digress… As i say my new man’s cock is pretty good and today it has filled me in many ways.

This man is different from S in that he has lots of gadgets designed to both please and to make a girl feel thoroughly used. Indeed he is something of a gadget man! The important thing for us both today was that he gained possession of me. I guess i will soon be calling him Sir or Master here as I did today as things progressed.

Instructions were to arrive in something short – spanking short – with no underwear. i love no underwear, i find it liberating; especially when you arrive by car. As i emerged from my car though it had become very windy – not the best thing when your skirt barely covers your ass!

In His playroom i was soon on my hands and knees in a spreader bar, a vibrating dildo inside my arse.  I have a love hate relationship with the whole anal thing, at least till i get warmed up. Of course he also concentrated on giving me some seriously good orgasms and i was soon won. Once it was His cock inside me it was a whole different thing and it was at that moment that he thoroughly possessed me.

Before the end of the afternoon he also owned my mouth and my pussy.

So, it seems that me and Gadget Man are going to play more and i think that we will have some serious fun. i am willing to submit, He wants to dominate and use me and for now this feels like a pretty good deal.

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