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A gift from Fondles

I am gearing up to write a proper post, really I am. Life is just busy right now, and it is also complex. I have some time off coming up and I promise to give a proper update.

For now though, I am gifted a quiz by Fondles which gives a hint of life for joolz right now.

1. Does the cock you worship have a name? Would you like to give him one? 

— No and not really. I do love His cock but no, a name in not necessary

2. What’s the max number of times you’ve worshipped cock in a 24 hour period? 

— Often we only get 24 hours in any 2-3 week period so lots of worship is required. Essentially during that time, my purpose is to worship His cock whenever he wants. Generally 3-4 times I would say (in whichever way he chooses).

3. How often does cock-worshipping take place?

— Sadly not often enough. But we make the most of that time!

4. When worshipping cock, do you start with balls? [Yes / No and elaborate please.]

— No, I generally start with the cock and move on to the balls

5. Do / Can you deep throat?

— This is a skill that I am still perfecting, but am pleased to report that I am getting much better at it.

6. Spit or swallow? (Yeah yeah, I had to right?)

— Swallow every time thanks

7. What do you focus on when worshipping cock? 

— On giving him the pleasure he deserves. I concentrate on going deep and on getting my mouth around the size of him again. I try to shut out other thoughts and concentrate on the cock. It seems to work

8. How long is a typical cock worshipping session for you?

— It might be a few minutes it might be longer, generally time passes and often I am surprised just how many.

9. What is your favourite cock worshipping position?

— It depends on the situation. There is nothing like dropping to my knees soon after I have arrived to see him. Then there is on my back with his cock slipping further and further down. Then there is him on his back in the early morning while I go down on him…..

10. If you had to give up oral sex, which would you choose – never giving again, or never getting again?

— mmm difficult as since I discovered I like to give him oral, I can’t imagine not, but then again I love to receive……. on balance it is of course always better to give than receive….

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