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This and that

I am having a quiet time when it comes to kink and all that goes with it. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to see Sir for the last couple of weeks, due to work, social and family commitments on both sides. Mean time, a post about this and that….

The first week of my diet has gone well. I lost 4.5lb which I was very pleased with and puts me back to my previously recorded highest weight. I have managed to fit in exercise on 4 days out of 4 and have tried to be more active at other times. I feel motivated and I know Sir shares my desire to have slightly less of me to spank, caress and hold. 

Yesterday for the start of week 2 though, I kind of abandoned the diet for the day as I had a day out with girlfriends at Henley Regatta. This is set along the river Thames at Henley on Thames – a prosperous area of the country. People descend from all over the world to participate in the various rowing races and even more people arrive to watch (the rowing, the scenery, each other). The day involved some lovely food, alcohol (champagne, pimms and wine), girly chat, people watching, strolling and even watching the boats and their occupants. All of which were very pleasant activities. I drank a little too much, but am not really the worse for it today. Back onto the straight and narrow of my diet regime and tomorrow I will restart the exercise.

On Wednesday, I collected my new car. Unfortunately it was at the end of a tiring working day, so I only drove it home on that day. Then yesterday, I was collected by a friend to go off to Henley, returning home this morning. So, this afternoon I have been out for a spin. I didn’t really have anywhere special I wanted to go, but I did need to go food shopping. So I decided to go to a supermarket a bit further away than usual so I could get a run out in the car. It is lovely to have a car with air conditioning (my old car didn’t have it) and wonderful to smell that new car smell and to just drive. Definitely gave me a better than average feeling while food shopping!
Work is going pretty well and I am now ready to submit my first invoice. It is strange to be back in the old office. But great to see people I used to work with. I have decided I like being back at work, being busy, but I like working part time even more.
On Tuesday I went with my sister in law to see Robbie Williams at Wembley Stadium in London and had a wonderful time. Robbie was definitely back to his best and Ollie Murs was pretty good too. It was lovely to spend time with my sister in law, who is now divorced from my brother and who I don’t get to see often enough now. 
So, even though things are quiet on the seeing Sir front. they have been far from quiet generally. Now for a hot and sunny weekend and maybe some chill-out time!

4 thoughts on “This and that”

  1. You've got it! I am working 3 days per week for the next 3-4 months in the same department as before. This time I am contracting rather than employed. I am enjoying it, but had got to like the life of a lady of leisure. Sadly that wouldn't be sustainable and better to earn some money sooner than later!

  2. Weather is gorgeous isn't it? Watching tennis and then BBQ tomorrow hopefully.
    Saw Robbie and Ollie couple of weeks ago – such a great atmosphere and set.
    Enjoying a British summer – while it lasts!

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