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That is exactly how much time we had together this week. During that time there was time for sleep (approximately 7 or so), time for food and time to sit and watch a movie. But as well as that we went out for the whole afternoon to get us some countryside and culture and we spent a good deal of time in bed not asleep.

Because of Sir’s work and my recent holiday, this was our first get together in around a month. i admit that i didn’t realise how much i had missed him until i glimpsed the outline of his bottom as he stood in his kitchen washing up while i drank a welcome coffee. My journey had been long and involved much sitting in traffic. He greeted me with a kiss and some caresses, then coffee and toast.

A few minutes later i was free of my dress, wearing stockings and heels and my underwear. He stroked my clit very briefly, just that short caress requiring me to ask for my first (of many) orgasm. Then i was on my knees. Oh how i have come to love sucking that man’s cock. Kneeling before him, my mouth full of his wonderful member, already dripping with cum myself was such a wonderful release from the stresses of both home and the journey.

A few minutes further along and i was knelt on his bed, receiving some painful, but beautiful and arousing swats from the riding crop. What a wonderful instrument that is for teasing, for swatting my bare body and for making me want more of His lovely cock. He didn’t disappoint me (he never does). Firstly inside my pussy and then a little later the feel of him filling my arse. He was gentle, i pushed against him and he slid in. He moved slowly at first and then faster and a little more roughly. Then for a new position; him on his back, me sitting riding him, cock deep in my backside. As he stroked my clot, his cock deep inside me, i asked for (and was granted) another orgasm. A few minutes later, with me back on my knees He came and so, we lay together kissing and caressing.

But with just 24 hours together and a reasonable (warm but overcast) day outside, there was little time for sitting around. So after a light lunch, we headed off into the beautiful english countryside which Sir lives so close to and got us some history and culture. We visited an old house and watermill. We wandered the lovely gardens and the wider grounds. Given that it was a week day, and that the weather could have been a little more sunny, and given that the kids are still at school here in the UK, the place was reasonably quiet. Most visitors seemed to be in or around the house, which was a good thing since we found ourselves in a hut of the type found in the iron age. We kissed and he stroked inside my knickers. Then i sat on a bench and took his lovely cock in my mouth again, such a lovely mouth full. Out in the open, Sir spied a picnic table, and since we had no picnic with us we used it for another purpose. i bent over it and Sir slipped his cock back inside of my (or should i say his, since he owns it) arse. So so naughty, but wow just so wonderful in the outdoors like that. Moments later, we walked hand in hand and then drank tea and looked just like your average middle aged couple on an afternoon out.

Back at home, we ate dinner, watched TV and the movie, ate pudding and chatted. Then to bed for some more lovely sex. More orgasms, a perfect end to a perfect day.

In the morning, after breakfast there were kisses, some time to feel each other, some time for me to attend to his cock. To suck him in the way i love so much, to be his cock worshipping sub. Time for him to claim my pussy for one last time this visit and for me to be granted more orgasms.

24 hours doesn’t seem like long. i guess it isn’t and indeed if offered it i would take longer. But sometimes that is all that is needed. Happy sub, happy Master. Just perfect.


5 thoughts on “24 Hours”

  1. It sounded like a wonderful 24 hours. Great that it was perfect and you are both so happy. Sorry you don't have more time together but you are making the best of the time you do have.


  2. Just circumstances really – family and work for both of us (I have some work suddenly). A short time is better than no time, but more time would be preferable!

    Great fun though xx

  3. Wow! That sounds amazing. What a fabulous 24 hours! So with you having more time now, why don't you stay down with Him for longer periods?

    Glad you got to reconnect and outside…at the grounds of a museum…hot!!!


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