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What kind of submissive am I?

I got the link to this OK Cupid submissive type test from L at Willing Slut and seem to have come out as a Servant. Interestingly this is not how I see myself and it is really not how my Sir sees me since I have only cooked for hims twice and the most house work I have done is to wash up after us. But I have spent a large proportion of my life acting as something of a servant to hubby and others. I have this desire to do things for people, to make things right and to keep people happy. 
I would like to be more of a submissive, to spend more of my time devoting myself to His needs but given the circumstances within which we live, I suppose I have to be grateful for what we have now. 


You scored 53% Humiliation, 39% Submissiveness, 62% Service, and 46% Pain!
You’re the Servant, what you seek most is to serve someone, give them the opportunity to live like kings/queens. You’d like to be able to do everything for them, household maintainance, errands and probably serve them sexually, you don’t have too much high of a need to feel submissive, you don’t need to feel like you’re “used”, you just enjoy in the pleasure of your Dom.
People like you usually seek long term relationships in which you can fully show the way you serve your Dom, although being allowed to come over to your Dom’s house to fix dinner and clean the house would probably put a smile on your face.
Yor association with pain or humiliation can be from none to wholesome, you may find it fun, or not, just check out your scores in those 🙂 

Your Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Humiliation Distribution
    You scored 53% on Humiliation, higher than 76% of your peers.
  • Submissiveness Distribution
    You scored 39% onSubmissiveness, higher than 15% of your peers.
  • Service Distribution
    You scored 62% on Service, higher than 49% of your peers.
  • Pain Distribution
    You scored 46% on Pain, higher than 43% of your peers.

4 thoughts on “What kind of submissive am I?”

  1. True enough, maybe he will want more service once he reads this! Have to say I have enough to do with keeping my own house straight, not sure I am up for his too. Still I can service him in other ways! Glad to see you back blogging again, I missed you while you were away!

  2. Yes, thats how I took it too – they just didn't ask me the right questions 🙂 No surprise that I didn't come out as a slave, Sir still teases me about the day I complained about only getting one orgasm! General slut would be more apt and of course I do like a bit of humiliation and have spoken a bit about here.

  3. I just did mine with the link you gave and came out as slave (no surprise there) lol

    I wouldnt take it too seriously, i did one a while back that was doing the rounds and it came out as that i enjoyed public humiliation, which i dont, in fact i detest it!

    There good for a bit of fun, perhaps make you think, but they dont define you, only you and your Sir get to do that.


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