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More about me – 21 to 23

It’s Sunday and I am currently thinking about getting on with some things. I say thinking, so what better way to pass some time without actually getting on than by catching up with more things about me. So here goes.

21.   A self portrait

What to say about me to paint something of a picture? Well quite tall – 5’8″, brown hair which was once more auburn but now that it is out of a bottle is the colour I choose. Blue eyes which are good at picking up the colour of certain blue / turquoise clothes I might wear. I am fair skinned with freckles, which I hated as a child but am used to now. I am a little over weight, I try hard to keep the weight down, but this year I am struggling. I suspect I am about to go through the menopause and that in itself makes weight control difficult. I have long legs and that I think helps me seem less fat than perhaps I am. Sir says he loves my legs in stockings and heels, and I think they do look good! 
22.   What I love about my job

Of course I am currently not working, but my profession is nursing. I became a nurse because I wanted to care for people, and make a difference to their lives. As I moved through my career as a jobbing, bedside nurse, I found that the difference I could make to their individual likes was fine in itself, but that I wanted to do more. To make a bigger difference. I moved then through a succession of management jobs – nurse education, commissioning and lately in a job about improving the experience of patients with cancer. I love to work with people, to be part of a team and to care. On International Nurses Day it is important to keep that grounding!

I hope to be back in a job I love soon.

23.   Eight things you don’t know about me
I have done some memes before where I say stuff about myself, so if I repeat anything then its because I forgot what I have already said. 
  • I have an orange car – Very useful when you have forgotten where you parked
  • I am best suited to a temperate climate since I don’t like to be too cold or too hot
  • I like the idea of exercise, but often find it dull. I am a clock watching exerciser!
  • I would usually choose savoury over sweet, but just sometimes there is nothing like chocolate – preferably good quality milk chocolate
  • Every time I buy a pair of shoes I have to have a blister of sore area before they can become comfortable. It is very very irritating.
  • I love to read and recently joined a book club. One of the best things about not working at the moment is that I have time to read. I am currently reading 2 books – Romola by George Eliot (as mentioned on my post about Florence) and The Painted Kiss by Elizabeth Hickey which is for the next book club meeting at the end of the month
  • I enjoy those American crime type series like CSI and NCIS. I also like to read mystery type books. 
  • I love History and finding out about places. I like to imagine how things used to be when I visit a place. I loved to think about people from 100, 200 or whatever years ago walking where I walk. 

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