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Quite conventional

That’s what He described the part of the afternoon we spent in bed as. In terms of kink, D/s, BDSM: yes that is what it was. In terms of the usual life of me as a woman in 2013 aged 50. It was anything but my usual day.

He is the first man with whom penetrative sex results in orgasm for me. He fills me and if we manage to get into the right position, which isn’t all that unusual these days, I can orgasm without any external stimulation.
Until a couple of months ago I barely thought that was possible. But as we get to know each other, as we explore more of each other, it becomes not just possible but likely. This week I asked for an orgasm and received many. Many and multiple.
Firstly as we rode against each other, His cock deep in me. Then as he pinched my nipples ( I can still  feel the effects of the clamps and his fingers on them), next as he stroked and rubbed my clit and finally the orgasms just came. Lots of them.
Before all of this we had eaten lunch, a lovely picnic type affair of ham, cheese, quiche, bread and salad. Then we had sat in the garden, a lovely sun trap, soaking up the sun, until it disappeared and we had retreated up to the bedroom….
This was just one day out of both of our lives, but it was amazingly special. It was about D/s and kink but it was also about being together. I sacrificed a lot to be there since hubby’s attitude is hardening in the confusion he has about his feelings. I continue to follow my heart and my needs, but I won’t deny that I am torn. Between the safe world I know and trust and the one my heart cries out for. 
That’s convention for you!

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