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It is a place I have wanted to travel to for ages. A place that from photos looked beautiful. A place steeped in history. I wasn’t disappointed.

I haven’t spent a lot of time in Italy. Not in comparison to France and Spain where I have holidayed lots. A few years ago, we took my son and nephew to Rome for their 18th birthdays, what a beautiful place. I would say though that Florence comes close. Of course the pope doesn’t live there and there is no Vatican. But Florence is a more relaxed place, perhaps a bit less ‘up itself’, if I can be so blunt.

I took lots of photos and here are a few:

Duomo di Santa Maria del Fiore taken from the top of the Museo di Palazzo Veccio
Inside the Museo di Palazzo Veccio – The Medici family liked it’s ornate decoration
The famous Ponti Veccio, amazing jewellery shops for those with lots of money, but I did buy a lovely leather bag from a shop just across the bridge
The Giardino di Boboli at the Museo di Pitti 
I drank cappuccino in a cafe where according to my guidebook people sit to see and be seen, I drank chianti, ate pasta and pizza and some wonderful gelato. I chatted to other visitors and I read Romola by George Eliot (set in 15th century Florence). I walked and I thought about things.
I thought about the things that have happened over recent months and about how I would like things to be in the future. All that can be done now, is to move forwards. There is no turning back. The world is large and full of new experiences and I am brave enough to face them.
I do seem however to have picked up some kind of virus and am not feeling at my best. Sir has offered me to visit him tomorrow for the day, maybe that is what I need to prevent me wallowing in my own self pity. Thinking is good but maybe best not to do too much of it at a time!

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