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Solo Traveller

It feels that this last year or so have been about me doing new things, in new ways and in new places. I haven’t actually written a bucket list of things I should do before I get too old or die, but it certainly feels like I am ticking them off.

Lately I have learnt to do more things on my own. It is lovely to go places with others, to have someone else to share new experiences with. But there is no reason why you can’t explore a bit of the world at your own pace. Please yourself.

I have never been anywhere for more than a day or so on my own, and I have never travelled abroad alone. I have travelled mostly when going on courses, often to new places, meeting new people. But those people are usually heading to the same place as  me and have work or interests in common. On Friday, I am going off to Florence for a long weekend, alone.

I came up with the idea on Sunday, while waiting for the reappearance of hubby. I shared my idea with Sir, who has been encouraging me to go off somewhere where I can think and recharge my batteries as it were. Surprisingly when I shared my idea with hubby he also encouraged me. Since he is off somewhere this weekend, there seems no time like then. In the UK this weekend is a bank holiday, which means it will probably rain and if it doesn’t everywhere will be very busy. It is not school holiday time though, so flights are reasonably cheap. I spent Monday and Tuesday procrastinating, but this morning, before I had time to change my mind, I booked the flight and hotel. I am staying in the middle of the City and should be able to walk around to see all of the main sites.

Of course, the next thing I had to do was to head to the shops for a guidebook. On the way, I needed to pass a number of clothes shops and so have been forced to buy some new things to wear; it would be rude not to!

I am a little anxious, but very excited. This feels like a whole new element to my journey. I will be in touch with news of what I am up to!

10 thoughts on “Solo Traveller”

  1. Oooohhh! So excited for you! I dream of this often. Even just even one day to do something new alone. Enjoy lots of uninterrupted thinking time and your new wardrobe. Definitely wouldn't want to offend shopkeepers in another country!

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