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My most favourite thing when i am spending time with Sir is to wake up beside him. As we both stir, he takes me into his arms and we rest there a while. Then we kiss a little and then i feel his fingers on one of my nipples, squeezing and gently twisting. Next he moves his hand down and i shift position so he can access my clit. He strokes me gently, then a little harder, and we kiss as he does. After a while, often after i have cum, he will break away and i know that is a signal that it is my turn. i move down the bed and take his now hard and large cock in my mouth. The first suck of the day, feeling Him inside me. I work him, sucking and licking. The way he pushes into me tells me how much he likes this too, He might sigh and say ‘oh yes’. Then he pulls away and tells me to turn on my side, so that he can push into my pussy from behind. He holds my shoulders, then breasts as we move together.

Photo from fancymonocrome via Erotic photography

Then, if we are at His house, he will get up and make us coffee.

Mornings are a great time to be together, and tomorrow morning i will wake up with Sir. For the first time we are going to get together (though only for one night) twice in the same week. An opportunity has arisen for me to be in London, from where you can of course get a train to anywhere else, including to His town. i am going to take that opportunity, i am going to cook him dinner (as he will be working) and then we will see. i told him i am going to travel light, he said he thought a toothbrush and stockings are sufficient luggage. i guess some heels will also need to travel with me.

It should be a lovely evening and then there will be the morning before He goes to work and i leave to return home. Lovely thoughts.

8 thoughts on “Mornings”

  1. I LOVE morning sex. Reading this makes me so jealous. My husband's work has him up at 4 am every morning so I can't remember the last time I woke up next to him. 🙁

  2. Im so not a morning person…even for sex lol

    But i do love it when on occassion we have a lazy Sunday in bed and im more receptive.

    Hope you get many more.


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