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Weekend Break – Part one – The four of us!

At last i have something to write about;  something kinky, something fun and a lovely lovely time. Sir and i have been away for a weekend away. We had 2 whole nights and the best part of 3 days together,  a real treat.  After the trials and difficulties of the past few months being able to go to a place neither of us had been and to do things together that neither of us had done before was very special.

For the last couple of months we have been discussing the possibility of getting together with another couple for a kinky, D/s session. On Friday, the planning and the chats i in particular have had with the other sub lady came together. We met in a small hotel bar, and after a couple of drinks and a chat we headed up to a room and, well got it together.

Sir and i have discussed this kind of fantasy for a long time. But discussing and doing is a whole other thing. An exciting, but scary prospect. Finding the right couple seemed to happen by accident when Sir got chatting to the sub on a chatline. She and i spent lots of time getting to know each other online and by text, until we felt we were both ready. On the day, it was the women who were nervous, but trusting our men, we decided to give it a go and i am really glad we did.

It would be true to say that my fantasies have usually involved 2 men rather than another couple as such. i have never before experimented with girl on girl sex and am completely heterosexual. But BDSM for me has always been about pushing boundaries, about trusting my Dom to push my limits while protecting me. My boundaries are now pushed further than i would ever have imagined and do you know what? It was exciting, thrilling and massively arousing.

To be given oral by another woman, while sucking her partner and at the same time receiving anal sex from Sir was the most amazing thing that has happened to me. i struggle to find the words to express how it all felt. Then there was the experience of kissing another woman, touching her and giving her oral. Knowing that Sir found seeing me do these things amazingly erotic and a massive turn on was all i needed. It was the first time either of us had been in the same room as another couple having sex and the first time any of us had experienced anything quite like this. As one point the men discussed that this was the kind of thing that takes place in a video on the Internet. Until then we thought it was.

What a start to a weekend break!

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