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Three Blogs I always read

It is coming up to a year since I started blogging here.

This is not my only blog, I have another which is mainly about work related stuff and where I have also discussed the state of nursing and of healthcare amongst other things. Through that other blog, I have found a few people with whom I have interacted online and who are currently facebook friends. I have blogged since 2006, not always regularly. Now I have more time, and now the fog of the last few months at work are beginning to lift, I have begun to post there again.

This blog though feels different. I have used it to feel my way through a whole new episode in my life. I have at times been overwhelmed by the wonderful support I have been given here. I have also found some wonderful blogs. Those blogs have made me smile (and even laugh), cry, wince (at the pain some people enjoy). I have found a group of people I can identify with, many of those people are women, but equally some are men. I have found I like to look at sexy and erotic photos, and have seen that these can be beautiful, funny, sad and a real turn on. I have enjoyed the stories of peoples lives and the wonderful fiction that flows from the key boards of others.

I have chosen the blogs on my blogroll because I can identify with the people who write them in some way. I always read all the updates when I have time to do so, and if I feel like commenting, then I do that too. I can’t choose three blogs, because there are so many. The list increases as I discover new ones, and there remains plenty of room at the side of my blog to add them.

To all my fellow bloggers, thanks for being there and for writing such amazing stuff worthy of reading. I read you all.

8 thoughts on “Three Blogs I always read”

  1. I enjoy yours too.

    Kind of retiring yes, though feel a complete fraud as I am much too young really. Still rules are rules. I have recently had to deal with US a insurance company after it turned out my son's treatment last year wasn't covered because he was taken to the ER and wasn't admitted. Generally I think though that there are advantages and disadvantages to both systems. I will gladly give you my take on the NHS and how things are there if people would be interested. No likelihood of any D/s to write about for at least another week anyway!

  2. Thanks for including me on your blogroll. I enjoy reading your blog and following your journey in this lifestyle.

    And to change the subject I notice you are retiring from the NHS. I would be curious to hear your thoughts on it positive and negative. Here in the U.S., we don't have an NHS but a system controlled by the insurance companies who often are critical of the NHS.I hope you find time to give us your thoughts.


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