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Brief interlude

On Wednesday i recounted my journey to see Sir by train and how he joined me for the final part of that journey. This post is about the rest of the time i spent with Sir and my return to reality.

i sat on the chair with my legs spread. He stroked me as we kissed, kneeling before me. After a month apart it almost felt surreal, some how like a dream. No, it was definitely real; He pushed his large, thick cock inside me. As he moved in and out, i realised he was pressing against my g-spot and that i was already getting very aroused. This felt like wonderful sex, it didn’t feel in any way like a D/s situation and i took the decision as i approached orgasm to just go with it and not to ask for permission as i normally would. Afterwards he just said; “you don’t usually cum through penetration alone” This is true, and may have been a first. I was definitely ‘in the moment’.

He withdrew, still very hard and told me to suck him. i leaned up and took him into my mouth. He filled it. i tasted myself, something i am no always keen on, but on this occasion, i tasted pretty good. i moved down deeper and deeper. Sucking on him. For a while he held the base of his cock and massaged Himself towards orgasm. Then realising i was able to take Him much deeper than i sometimes can, he let go and i took over. i felt the first signs of his precum in my throat, a slight gag but then embraced the wondrous feeling of him filling my mouth. i leaned in further and He slipped deeper into my throat. i felt the pulsating of his cock as he neared orgasm and gratefully sucked as his cum hit the back of my throat. As he withdrew slowly, i swallowed.

We sat drinking some cava and chatting, discussing the troubles we are both encountering in our lives before Sir got up to prepare us a wonderful lunch of mussels and salad. Later, we moved to the bedroom and spent time snuggled together. We went with the intention of some more sex, but found ourselves a little weary so after He had pleasured me some more we just lay in each others arms.

It was a lovely afternoon ‘where Sir lives’ and rather than spend the afternoon vegetating we decided to make the most of it. We took the train a couple of stops along the line (why waste the tickers we already had), and then walked back. It was sunny and not really cold. We walked beside the sea; Sir knows how i love to do that. We chatted, discussing the history of the area. We watched the people, and the activity generated by the movement of shingle from the beach from one area to another. It was pleasant, we found each others company easy to manage.

Later we ate dinner then retired to bed for a while. Again we started with good intentions, Sir got his bag of toys out. But then after some very nice sex we decided that neither of us quite had the energy. Instead we made popcorn, drank hot chocolate with an alcoholic chaser (Tia Maria for me and Amaretto for Him), while watching TV, before retiring to bed.

Sir called it low key, i call it relaxing. An interlude.

On Wednesday, after breakfast of cereal and coffee, Sir went off to work. After washing up and watching a little TV, i set off for home. This was my last day of leave, and i wanted to make sure i used it to good effect. i considered stopping off and looking round another place near where Sir lives. But it felt cold and i suddenly felt like getting home.

Arriving around 1pm, i was soon bombarded by texts from Hubby. He wanted to know what we had been up to; in graphic details if possible.

The reality of everything hit and i sat and cried. For perhaps the first time, the reality of the decisions i have taken in pursuing my relationship with Sir hit really hard. i am not someone who cries much, but suddenly i felt overwhelmed. i coped by getting on with some spring cleaning  – my son comes home tomorrow and i want his room clean at least before he arrives. So i got on with that, some decluttering in the spare room and kitchen. It made me feel better (sad i know), i guess it is diversion more than anything.

Hubby stayed away that night though. Leaving me with my thoughts and memories of my time with Sir. A brief interlude on normal life.

Tomorrow i will update on my relationship with hubby.

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