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A favourite movie

The thing is, i am no movie buff. What’s more i don’t go to the cinema all that much, nor do i go out of my way to watch movies on tv.  i can truthfully say, i would rarely watch any film twice, so am not sure i have an out and out favourite film.

This is already sounding like a dull cop out, since this is only day two and there are another 28 to go yet. You see my problem is that i have difficulty recalling things like the names of films or their lead stars. So the way i will handle this is to tell you about some landmark films for me (as far as i remember them)

The first film i ever saw at the cinema was the Sound of Music, i think i was about 3 or 4 years old. For years I thought the film ended with Maria marrying Baron Von Trapp, as I fell asleep at that point. I have watched it several times since and it is one of those wonderful films we don’t get now, with loads of scenery, a nun, singing, children, love prevailing. You know what I mean.

There are a bunch of films that I associate with going out with hubby, they include Saturday Night Fever (my first x rated as it was called then and not sure that I know why that was), what’s not to love about John Travolta and the Bee Gees. Then there was Grease; i have particularly liked Grease again over the years as my niece and nephew loved it for a while and we passed as few karaoke type evenings with them and their parents a few years ago.

Top Gun i remember because I went with girlfriends when i was a student nurse, we used to get free tickets to theatre and cinema and we went quite often. Great when you are hard up!

The first film i took my son to was Jungle Book, he was probably a bit young and fell asleep like his mum had. It was no problem as i got a lovely rest and he got to see it many more times on video  (remember those?). i have lots of memories of taking him to see various films, good and bad. The worst was Pokeman the movie!  The last time i went with him was the final part of Lord of the Rings. He had friends with him and expected me to sit a safe distance away. Don’t you just love going out with teenagers?

Since then there have been few films, but in the last year i have seen many more films, often when with Sir (as usual their names slip my mind). He loves a good (or less good) film. Plus on the plane to the US last year I saw a couple of good films; Toast which is about the childhood of Nigel Slater, who is now a British TV cook, and The Descendants with George Clooney, I also saw the Artist and was puzzled as to why the lead in that got the Oscar over George.

So having started this  unable to name a single movie, you have a potted history of my through films. I know there have been many more, and many that at the time were moving or tear jerking. But these are memories for me and thats important.

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