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Sir doesn’t like me to make out that he is any more special than he thinks he is. In my last post, i wrote that he was one really good thing in my life. Of course he isn’t the only thing. But right now, he is important.

He didn’t let me down.

This week has been one of the most difficult of my life. Probably since i found out hubby was cheating on me even though he had promised he had stopped. You see this is a long term problem, which dates back 20 years or more. But more of that in another post, perhaps tomorrow.

i left work yesterday  as soon as i could. This week has been half term, and with a diminishing workforce it seems to be difficult to take even one days leave. i made excellent progress, stopping at a service station to change out of my warm winter tights for stockings, suspender belt and to remove my knickers. Once i had parked up outside Sir’s house i put on my heels.

He was pleased to see me, and i him. He definitely liked the effort i had made and it was obvious from the start that this trip was about Him taking care of my needs. Within minutes He had stroked my pussy, had clamped my nipples and clit and was spanking me with the riding crop. I melted into him. He knew what i needed and i got it.

After a simple but lovely lunch he told me to spread my legs. He spent a long time licking my needy pussy, making me cum and cum. Then He told me to go down on Him. Something i did willingly, with gratitude.

I sucked, took his cock deep within my mouth and throat. i licked his balls, licked his arse and then for the second time ever, i sucked him until He came.

We watched tv, had dinner and later kissed and caressed. i needed some time away from the stresses of this week and that’s just what i got.

 A respite.

7 thoughts on “Respite”

  1. A little time to escape your problems can be so helpful sometimes. It's almost like a "power nap". It can rejuvenate you so that you can soldier on.

    Hope all gets better and you find a positive resolution to things soon, Joolz!

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