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i haven’t always been the person i have become. By that i mean the woman who enjoys her Masters cock.

It wasn’t so long ago that i avoided putting a cock anywhere near my mouth, didn’t even find the make organ particularly enticing.

Don’t get me wrong, i am impressed by what some men have to offer. i enjoy the feeling of a cock inside me. But putting it in my mouth wouldn’t have been my first choice. Perhaps i just hadn’t met the right man, with the right cock.

When i started on this journey, i knew i would need to get over my feelings about oral sex. Sir was clear from the beginning that i would want to worship his cock, i would be expected to allow him to put it wherever He wanted. And considering my previous reticience as soon as i saw his organ, i wanted to kiss it at least.

It has been over 10 months and gradually i have gone from someone who had to concentrate hard on the job in hand to give the pleasure i know my Master desires to someone who relishes taking Him in my mouth, taking Him deeply and giving him the pleasure He wants and desires from me.

Last Sunday, i took the next step. i sucked Him until He came and i also swallowed.

It is unusal for me to spend the morning in bed, much less a good part of the day. But after our exertions on Saturday, we both needed the rest. Plus since we had the time and since we had no commitments we were able to do as we pleased. It pleased us to breakfast on pancakes, shower and then return to bed. It also pleased him when we kissed, and He became aroused and i moved down the bed to take Him in my mouth.

i licked his shaft, took him into my mouth, gradually moving it deeper into my mouth. i concentrated on what i was doing, on the pleasure it gave Him and on the newly found pleasure it gave me. For a while i stopped and i kissed Him on other parts of his body and we kissed on the lips. Then He told me that he thought i should finish what i had started and i knew that this was something i needed to do and that He wanted and needed from me. i moved back down, took his very hard cock, a mouthful into my mouth and focused my mind. i let my thoughts float away and concentrated on sucking him, on worshipping his wonderful cock and within minutes His sweet, wonderful cum filled the back of my mouth.

i swallowed.

i am surely a cock worshipping sub now?

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