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We always manage to fit as much as possible into our meetings. Often in the past we have had just a few hours together. Sometimes we have had a night, but often not even that. Those days will be packed with sex;  kinky, kinky sex. i will be dressed for him. Wearing the things he likes; stockings with suspender belt, heels, some lacy lingerie; whatever takes his fancy. Interspersed with that there will be an opportunity for me to be cuffed, tied to his lovely bed, clamped and spanked (not necessarily all at the same time). There will be food (there is nothing like an orgasm to make Sir insatiably hungry), often easy to cook, easy to eat food expertly prepared by Him. Sometimes we will have time for a sleep together or to watch a film on TV. But often things are rushed.

Last weekend though, we had 3 whole nights together. Much much more time to do the things we wanted together, to sit and talk and to go out for a very, very long walk and do ordinary things. I have to say, there is nothing like a bit of variety of activity to make you feel good and to enjoy yourself, to relax.

That is definitely what we did. Friday, as previously told, was all about trying out the new toys (well if you go to the trouble of finding them, you have to get straight down to it). That crop was wicked, but in a very juice producing, spanky kind of way. When it brushed my skin it made me tingle, when it passed through the air it made the most delicious wooshing sound, and when it hit my bare bottom it both hurt and excited all in one.

Saturday morning dawned, as i awoke still in my stockings (Sir likes me to sleep in them, and if i am not too hot in bed, i will awake with them on) and he took possession of me again. He loves to stroke my bare bottom and then to possess it, to fill it with his hardness. i love it too and of course since i am now an anal slut, i am not going to argue. There is nothing like some morning sex to invigorate and so showered and dressed we set off for a coastal walk.

Sir lives near the most beautiful coastline and countryside. We have walked a number of times along it (well up and down it), but this walk was serious. We took a short bus ride and then set off, stopping many times to take in the view, to have tea and food (so thoughtfully brought along and carried by Sir) and to get our breath after a big climb.

These were some of the views.
 And this was our reward, once we arrived at the place we were heading for. Mine was a chocoholic, Sirs something with Baileys in it. Mine was bigger but took me no time at all to eat. We also had lovely Italian coffees.
Then it was on to the local cinema and some American history. We both really enjoyed the film, thought Daniel Day Lewis really good and learnt things about that time that we didn’t know.
Back home, we ate a steak dinner prepared by Sir, drank a little wine, watched some TV and headed to bed to rest our aching legs and to have some lovely sex.
 i can’t say how much i love having the time….

4 thoughts on “Having the time”

  1. Lucky, lucky girl! I am so happy you got three nights together with Sir and they sound incredible. Thank you for sharing! I'm jealous of you and Fondles too! 🙂

    love, squirrel

  2. Me too! Post-holiday im still smiling at the wonderful "normal" things we did. Jus shopping n eating n spending much more time cuddling that kinky-sexing!

    Innit grand?

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