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Inspiring Bloggers

tori at Pains Pleasure has nominated me for this lovely blogging award. The various blogging awards are a really nice thing, as often the nominees are to blogs i have never read (as well as many of the great regulars of course), and that means more places to go and more inspiration to be had. This award is about inspiring bloggers, and there are quite a few people in the blogging world who definitely inspire me. What is more those people have been there for me in my darkest hours recently; they have encouraged me to carry on, to follow my journey, to find fulfillment as a submissive woman.
The rules this time are:
Display the award logo on your blog

Link back to the person who nominated you
Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link back to them
Notify said nominated bloggers
List 7 things about yourself
Some of the blogs that inspire me are:
  • Willing slut, apply within – L struggles with her own journey, but is always there to encourage and support
  • Finding my submission – sin is also finding life tough right now, but somehow hangs on in there
  • Pains Pleasure (back to you tori) – i just love reading about tori’s world both kink and vanilla
  • Fondlers Anonymous – so much in common with lovely fondles, plus our relationships begain on the same day
  • Sir Q and me – fiona writes a great blog, describing life with her Master so wonderfully, she often comments here and i really value her support
  • Finally finding ‘me’ – lovely abby who also visits frequently and who sends us all lots of hugs. She also writes some lovely descriptions of her time with her Master
  • Bright bottom – I must of course mention Spanky’s blog, after all he has helped me become a CWS. Whats more, i see he is starting a blog for that very topic!
  • Leather cuffs and silken bonds – I love to read about Jake and joy’s life together, to read Jakes tasks and see his great photos. Plus he often comments here.
Ok, so i know that’s not 15 and i know there are more. i may well add to them later.
Things about me: (apologies if i have mentioned any of this stuff before)
  • i am something of a last minute person (this explains why i am currently typing this with wet hair when i should be getting ready for work), but i always do what needs to be done and i do it on time
  • i love cooking, but until recently was rubbish at cakes. Recently though i seem to have found some recipes that work and i am enjoying the challenge
  • i have worked for my employer the National Health Service for 32 years, but suddenly i am under notice of redundancy. Still hopeful of a job by the end of March though
  • i am facinated by politics and during the last election i became a member of the Labour party in the UK. i have been out delivering leaflets for them, but am not interested in forcing my views on this topic on anyone else.
  • i have 2 degrees, both obtained since my 40th birthday
  • i would love to do more study and if i am made redundant i might well do so. It won’t be health related though, perhaps history or philosophy
  • i was thinking of buying some new boots, but yesterday i cleared out a cupboard and discovered i already have 8 pairs. Still that’s not too many is it?

6 thoughts on “Inspiring Bloggers”

  1. I enjoy your blog because its refreshingly honest and you deal with the reality of both your relationships and that cannot be easy.

    and i just love your perspectives.


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