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Submissive Guide Blog Hop Challenge 13

This is the second Blog Hop Challenge i have taken part in. Go over to Submissive guide on 25th of the month to see who else has taken up LunaKM’s challenge. This month’s is as follows:

Do you have a safeword? When was the last time you used it? Are you afraid to say your safeword for fear of appearing weak? What are you indicators that a scene has gone too far and you need to safeword?

I have a safeword. On that first night in the hotel, where i had no safe call organsied, where no one knew where i was or who i was with, Sir gave me a safeword. I can’t decide if i was foolish, naive or just trusting of my instincts that night. Others may consider me plain stupid, but though i was nervous in lots of ways i didn’t believe myself to be in any kind of mortal danger. On that first night, i played the the safeword over and over in my mind but never came even close to using it. The fact that i could was enough. Since then, once or twice i have said the word in my mind but i have never needed to say it out loud.

The limits i thought i had at the beginning have been stretched and pushed. i never really thought i would be keen on pain of any kind, but it turns out that actually i am. At the time of the pain i might not think i am enjoying it, but my body tells me otherwise. What is more it definitely tells Him. He touches me on my pussy after he has been spanking me with his hand or with say the lead to my collar and he discovers that i am very wet. I didn’t know that i would love to have my nipples or clit clamped but i do. I didn’t know that i would love anal sex but i do. Thinking of anal, actually it is sometimes quite painful to begin with. I have often i have asked Him to slow down and once or twice to stop. But i have not needed to safeword. This is because of the trust and understanding between us.

i trust Him to keep me safe, to listen to my responses to his touch and actions and in turn i open myself up to him. i know i can safeword, but to be honest, right now i see no time when i am going to need to. i don’t fear that using my safeword would make me seem weak, since i don’t fear appearing weak to Him. i know i have struck lucky in finding Master as my first (and as far as i see right now only Dominant) but i can trust Him and that is all that i need to worry about right now.

12 thoughts on “Submissive Guide Blog Hop Challenge 13”

  1. Reading through all the different posts its interesting to see how we all interpret what using a safeword means to us all, i do think though its irrelevant how experienced someone is, like pretty much everything in ttwd its what works for the couple.

    I had one, i gave it up at my request but i cant say for certain that i would never ask to have it re-instated and if i did i wouldnt see it as going backwards but rather relationships evolve and who knows how i may feel about something in 6 months time.


  2. I am sure you are right abby. As tori says in her post on this subject, Trust is the most important thing and if you are trusting the right person you will never need that safeword.

  3. Nice post.

    "i never really thought i would be keen on pain of any kind, but it turns out that actually i am."

    That is very interesting. I think it's great that you were willing to try it out.

  4. I have come to think that safe words are more important to those just beginning, and to people who enjoy different partners at play parties. In over 10 years I have never used mine ….
    hugs abby

  5. I have not taken up any of these challenges but i might on this occassion, im a bit confused about where i post a link? on the comment section of the bloghop challenge?

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