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Mind and body

Or maybe it is body and mind, i can’t quite decide. On Thursday, while with Sir i had some pretty powerful orgasms.

He really is getting to the core of what  blows my mind and it seems he isn’t afraid to do so. After 6 months we are beginning to know each other well, to know what each other likes, what is more, given the nature of this relationship He continues to push me to experience more and more sensations.

This time there was more spanking, on my bottom and on my pussy. This time i wasn’t restrained at all, but was expected to keep my body in the positions He told me to. When i cum i like to straighten my legs, as sensations increase within me, i love the feelings i get if  my legs are straight. I think it is reflexive in nature and i tend to go with that. This time he made me keep my legs apart during orgasm and while this was hard to do when not restrained the results were pretty good. He also did some amazing things to my clit – clamped it, nibbled and bit it which just sent me to another level. Yes it was painful, but it practically send me into orbit. As he said afterwards, i got pretty noisy! He is now convinced that i need my clit pierced; i am not sure i am brave enough to go to get such a thing done, but he has a point.

I don’t think i realised, even at the beginning of this quite how powerful just the right amount of pain can be. Over time the level of pain can increase, while at the same time you just get more and more sexually aroused. He loves the fact that i am becoming such a pain slut, that i crave the spankings, the nipple and clit clamping it feels like he is turning me into some kind of sexual slave.

The end result though is that things start playing out in my mind. No doubt he will think i am going over board here, but there were moments on Thursday evening that i would have done anything he asked. Moments when i really truly felt like i was in love. I have said before that while this relationship isn’t about love as such, i don’t believe you can experience this level of stimulation without deep feelings of love. i am a little nervous of expressing these emotions here, but since this is my blog, and these were my feelings, i will. I am not saying that today in the cold light of day i am expressing the same feelings, but what i am saying is that BDSM relationships involve extreme levels of trust, they lead to levels of emotion that a person may not have experienced before and this can lead to the release some amazing feelings.

It was difficult leaving his house as i did at 7.30am on Friday. i needed sleep and i could have done with being held some more. But it is experiences like this that make the whole thing worthwhile, even if it never feels we have sufficient time together.

10 thoughts on “Mind and body”

  1. Oh, feeling the emotions happens so much more easily than voicing them. There is another level of vulnerability that you expose when you express love. But, given time and trust and intimacy, how could you not feel them? It sounds like a fabulous rendezvous, though I can understand the difficulty in leaving. Truth be told, I've lived with my Sir forEVER and I still really miss him when he leaves.

  2. hmmmm i said to BIKSS the other night that if 6 months ago someone said I would be glad to refer to myself as a Face-fuck-slut i would probably have punched that person. Look at me now.

    but the pain thing? yeah, i knew a while back that done properly it could be very pleasurable… altho i think i have different limits with different types of pain.


  3. What dancing said lol, although strangely enough i really dont like it when he calls me painslut i know its just semantics its taken me years to accept my masochism and well i still have moments as my latest post demonstrates.

    Its addictive so enjoy!


  4. Much of this post could have been written by me…we share many of the same feelings. When Master started calling me a pain slut, I denied it…over and over…and He just kept proving me wrong! Master and I started out just as 2 people wanting to have some spanking fun…when I strated to realize the emotions that were overwhelming me…I got scared at first.
    The neediness…yes the love…that was not in the plan…but in reality…isn't it wonderful!
    hugs abby

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