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Day Trip

For reasons which were mainly work related, i visited Sir for the day this week rather than stay over night. This meant a very early start, but i mitigated the effect of this by travelling by train rather than by car (ok i have said this already).

The clothing style was kind of business wear. I am a smart casual clothes wearer for work rather than power dress. But given the 7-8lb of weight loss, a shortish straight black and grey skirt was looking pretty good on me. This was accompanied by a white blouse (with black bra), black seamed stockings and black shoes. A new leopard print kind of cardigan set off the outfit, give the coolness of the morning.

I arrived in London slightly ahead of schedule and so got on an earlier train. I texted Sir to let him know and set him into a slight spin, whereby he had to mobilise himself a bit more quickly to meet me. But it did result in an extra half hour together, which we were both glad of.

An hour and a half train journey allows a woman to drink her coffee, apply her make up, read a book, observe the scenery and still arrive at her destination in time for a late breakfast. Of course if she is meeting her Master half an hour before that final destination she can expect some serious enjoyment on that last leg.

“Now wearing her ‘fuck me’ shoes she sat opposite the man dressed in the double breasted suit. After 2 or 3 stops the only other person in close vicinity was the woman sitting directly behind her knitting. As their eyes met, she opened her legs, revealing her stocking tops and the hint of a bare pussy. He reached across and stroked her leg, his hand reaching up past the stocking top. She gasped as his fingers found that she was already wet.

By the time the ticket inspector arrived to check their tickets the man in the suit had already brought her close to orgasm, her skirt hitched up around her waist, her legs spread wide for him. And once the lady and her knitting had left the train and they were alone in the carriage he not only brought her to orgasm but she had knelt down before him and sucked his cock.

All too soon, they arrived at their final destination. she straightened her clothes and, slightly wobbly on those high heels, she climbed down from the train. Next stop was His house, via the supermarket for a supply of croissants”. An early start, plus such excitement before 9.30 am makes for a hungry Master and his slut!

Episode 2 –  The corset follows soon.

4 thoughts on “Day Trip”

  1. You are right SirQsMLB, planning and anticipation adds to the thrill. A train will always be more exciting than a minivan in my book Mrs SB, even though i have limited experience of doing anything in a minivan! I almost can't believe the things we did on that train, but yes it was very hot! Thanks all of you for your comments!

  2. Wow. Ok it seems like I say that every time. But maybe it's because you and He have time between visits to plan…But Woww yOu have such amazingly elaborate and EXCITING scenes that are scorching. I need a moment =).
    Can't wait for part two.

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