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Creating a buzz

In my opinion the female orgasm is a wonderful thing, but then i would say that wouldn’t i? It would be true to say that i was a latecomer to understanding exactly what this meant to a woman. I was actually married, before i even understood the notion of the orgasm and in my 30s before i owned a vibrator. Of course once i discovered it, i found it was something that i couldn’t manage without. How wonderful is that rampant rabbit?

Before i met Sir, i had spent at least 10 years needing almost daily use of some kind of devise that would  to give me the kind of relief i could only dream of in the marital bedroom. This is no longer the case, He doesn’t restrict my orgasms but since i started to get plenty of them i have rarely needed the rabbit. But who knows whether the need will ever return?

My first Ann Summers party was during the Tupperware years (people of my age will know all about this), but even so i was unaware of the history of the vibrator. 

While browsing my favorite online news website yesterday, i came across this:

In 19th-century Britain, women suffering from chronic anxiety prescribed pelvic finger massage. Doctors found this tedious and time-consuming, so they invented something to do the job for them

Apparently the vibrator was invented by doctors who treated ‘hysteria’ (chronic anxiety, irritability and abdominal heaviness) in women by msturbating them to orgasm. This took place in the doctor’s consulting room,with the doctor providing pelvic massaging so that this could be relieved. Apparently the doctors found this a tedious and tiring pass time, and so invented a labour saving device. Early versions were powered by a generator the size of a fridge, but within a few years they were much smaller and so could move out of the doctors office into the home.

Apparently it was believed that if the ‘massager’ as it was known did not penetrate then the result could not be sexual, therefore the word orgasm wasn’t used to describe the resulting effect.

A new film Hysteria, which depicts a story based on the history of the invention of the vibrator is due to be released in cinemas soon.This sounds like the type of film i should be watching with Sir given our joint love of both history and orgasm. Or am i just dreaming?

Photo – Steam powered vibrator

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