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30 Days of Submission – Day 13 / Plans

Wednesday this week will be a special day; i will be spending it with Sir. This particular day of submission gives me the chance to combine answering the question and also saying a bit about some of the things that Wednesday might bring.

Is sexual availability, being available to your partner any time he or she wants, part of your submission? Why or why not? Are there limits to this? 

When we are together, sexual availability is everything. He is very sure about this, it is one of the few rules we have, it is part of the structure of those hours (or if we are lucky days). I dress ‘appropriately’ for him the whole time and am ready at all times to give my body to him in whatever way he wishes, when ever he wishes. This often includes sleeping in stockings and putting my fuck me shoes on when we wake up. It also includes changing what i am wearing (underwear particularly) more than once during a day.

That sexual availability doesn’t just happen within the confines of the bedroom or even the house, but when we are out and about. In the woods, the countryside, by the sea, at an airport, on a train……

This Wednesday i have decided to let the train take the strain (this was an advertising slogan for travelling by train at one time). The journey to visit Sir can be a long one, i have to travel along one of the busiest, most notorious motorways for traffic problems, in  the UK. So to take the train feels like a real treat. If all goes well i may well travel that way more often. The journey will involve a change of trains not far from where sir lives, he will meet me at that station, and the fun will begin. i have a new little skirt, ready really for the autumn season at work, there will be seamed stockings and there will be heels. There are always heels! 

Don’t get me wrong, i love to wear heels, i love that my legs look long and slim in them. i also love the feel of the stockings, i love the feel of wearing no panties above the stoking tops. It is just that i am tall, and i feel much too tall if the heels are high. i am getting more used to that feeling, but it is difficult to shake off. Also i have the kind of feet that crave comfort, high heels tend not to provide the same cosy feel for my feet that flat shoes do. But as far as Sir is concerned, a slut doesn’t wear flat shoes.  

On the train, with sir, i will be required to be ready for him to observe me. i will need to open my legs to show him what i can offer him; he will want to see my stocking tops, to confirm my pussy is bare and freshly shaved. He will want to see me touch myself as we travel towards his home town on the train. Once we arrive at his house, i will immediately need to be ready.

i will need to be open to him, ready for him to use which ever of my holes he wishes. i am pretty sure i will have no problem being ready.

As for limits to all of this. Well there are some decency limits when out. Neither of us wishes to be arrested. i trust him though to keep us safe and vaguely legal. Also, if i feel particularly uncomfortable i am able to say so and pull back a little. That is not to say he doesn’t continually push my limits, because he does. Of course as my Master that is one of his roles! As his submissive it is my role to be pushed in this way; if you don’t expand your boundaries you will never know what you are missing.

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