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Health and Fitness

i have known for a while that in attending to my new found submissiveness and in catering where possible for the needs of Sir, that i have been neglecting an important part of my life. It was really when the lovely boned corset, that littleone encouraged me to buy (since she is having such a good time with hers) didn’t fit me, that i realised something was going very wrong. There is meant to be 5 inches of opening space at the back, so when i measured myself roughly i thought that i had plenty of leeway. i didn’t. Essentially on the afternoon that i dashed home to intercept the post, i got stuck in the thing, half done up, half undone. Rather than send it back, i decided that since it should have fitted i would do something about it. Of course that was 3 weeks ago and i have had my birthday as an excuse. But that birthday was a week ago and another week of excess has taken place. Sir likes a curvy woman but i am not sure he wants me this curvy (even if he did, i don’t) so i am going to get myself sorted.

As this is my journal, and i can write whatever i like in it, i have decided that once a week on Sunday or Monday i will update  myself (and anyone reading who might have any interest) on how i have been doing and i will set myself some goals. My key aim is to lose about a stone (16lb or 6.3kg) in weight and to increase my fitness (hopefully get that tummy and legs toned a bit too).

I kind of started yesterday when i drank no wine (but did have 2 gin and slimline tonics) ate a turkey stir fry for dinner and went on a 4 mile walk with hubby, which was very pleasant as it was a lovely summers day. But from today i am starting this whole thing properly. So my goals this week are as follows:

No alcohol before Friday
Salad / something low fat and not processed for lunch
No bread before Saturday (ryvita all the way)
Aerobic exercise on at least 3 days (already done a half hour workout this morning)
A walk each lunchtime (so long as it is not raining)
No snacks other than fruit and definitely no cakes and biscuits at work (no matter how tempting)

i have a good incentive as when i evaluate this time next week, i will be seeing Sir in just a few hours and while he is unlikely to see that corset on that day, i hope it won’t be too long before i can wear it and get some of the enjoyment littleone is so obviously getting from hers!

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