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i feel that i am at a new place today, a place where in 50 years today, if i lived that long i would be 100. i don’t feel bad about reaching this age, after all, doesn’t life begin here (or was that 40)? i loved being in my 20’s, but didn’t much like 30 (hubby preoccupied, young child, career seeming to stagnate), 40’s have been fine (i gained 2 degrees in that time and change my job 3 times) but as i have said before, ever so slightly unfulfilled.

This feels different, and not just because i met Sir 4 months ago. Actually making the decision to find out more about D/s and then the realisation that it was something i wanted to explore has been fulfilling in its own right.

i have taken today off, just because i wanted to. i don’t have a special place to go, or anyone particular to be with, but it feels good to have a day to think things through, to have space.

There are some loose plans, i wasn’t to go out before 10. Some lovely flowers have arrived from hubby. i will speak to Sir at lunchtime, and am planning some very good sirloin steaks for dinner plus some champagne. Dinner out will be tomorrow (where i wanted to go doesn’t open for dinner on Mondays). I have received some lovely pearls from my parents and a bunch of cards (even before the postman arrives).
A couple of funny things – son’s present to me is currently at the post office (we went to collect it on Saturday being a small one it closed at 1pm and we arrived at 5 past). I rang my parents to thank them for my gift and they were in the middle of a crisis over the kindle we bought mum for her birthday yesterday. They get on reasonably well with technology but i think the kindle is going to take a little while for her to get the hang of. In the midst of the whole thing they didn’t actually wish me happy birthday, though i did manage to smooth over their stresses!

Sir and i have plans to meet in a couple of weeks and last night began planning a new scene, which i will write about here as we get closer to the event. We will be spending the night together (yipee), so plenty to look forward to.

This birthday feels like it will be a bit of a landmark for me. i feel i am moving forward now into a place i want to be and that can only be a very good thing!

The beautiful flowers and card above were given to me on Friday from the folks at work.

9 thoughts on “Landmark”

  1. Happy Birthday. Milestones sure do make you look back and take stock, look forward and dream. May you have many wonderful adventures that make your dreams come true (or at least fantasies)!

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