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Mid life crisis?

i am wondering whether i should have my nipples pierced. Probably the very idea is part of a whole midlife crisis i am currently going through. What else can it be?

i have known for a long time that there is a very short fuse between my nipples and my clit. i am pretty sure i could cum from nipple play alone given the right kind of stimulation from the right person. The first time i put clothes pegs (pins in the US) on my nipples while on the phone to Sir was a telling moment.He says he could tell i had put them on from the tone of my voice. i immediately felt amazingly turned on, it didn’t take much for Sir to make me cum.

Then the day in the woods, Sir introduced the nipple clamps which took me to a whole other level. I found that anything He did while they were on, just enhanced the experience. As Sir would say i am definitely a nipple slut.

We have talked a few times now about how things might be if i had my nipples pierced. To be honest i am now massively tempted. Turned on by the thought, and by the idea that is is something i would do for me and for Him. It is not something i could do without discussing with hubby though. He notices much more than he comments on and this is one thing i could NOT hide. Mind you i am approaching a rather massive birthday and it is time i had a midlife crisis.

Advice anyone?


5 thoughts on “Mid life crisis?”

  1. As midlife crises go, it sounds like one you would enjoy and that wouldn't hurt anyone else – so why not?? As a Nike commercial in the US says, Life's short, Play hard! Good luck!

  2. Thanks Pantyslave and welcome. Not sure i would be wanting to clamp anytime soon after getting them pierced! Definitely thinking seriously about getting it done soon! might go for one at a time though!

  3. Pierced nipples are beautiful just be aware that you cant use nipple clamps if there is jewelry in your nipples. Sorry I mean that if you clamp my nipples and trap the bar under the clamp my pain is just too much and I am a pain slut. Just clamp to miss the bar. Go for it the sensations are wonderful including the piercing itself

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