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As the fog of emotion clears

It has taken me a few days to get my brain back into gear, not that i have been a gibbering wreck you understand. Far from it. But it has been hard to separate out the actual events of the weekend with the emotions that went with it.

Yesterday i updated  my journey page, and maybe that has helped a little. Plus there is now distance between myself and the actual events, not to mention that Sir and i have replayed some of the events a few times.

On Monday i was a little anxious, since i felt really down. i couldn’t understand why i felt just so bad when i had felt fine the day before. But then i realised it had nothing to do with any kind of subdrop but was merely PMT. i felt a complete idiot!

So thinking back on events, what is really clear is that from the moment i arrive and enter Sir’s house, pretty much until i leave to come home, i am ready. Ready to wear what He wants, ready to be in the position He wants, ready to take His cock in any way he wishes. i also spend pretty much the whole time on the edge of an orgasm, what is more, this time i got so turned on that he was able to make me orgasm by nibbling my ear! A first for us both!

i am not usually all that keen on dressing up in sexy lingerie for the benefit of a man, but with Sir it is something that is not only expected, but also something i love to do. i never imagined i would sleep in stockings, i never imagined one of the first things i would do in the morning would be to put on a pair of heels. i never imagined i would want, need even to have anal sex so many times in a single weekend and love every moment. i never imagined i would be able to take Sir’s cock quite so deep into my mouth without gagging. As Sir says i am doing well with my training.

Long may it continue!

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