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Sir believes i have little trouble getting into the right frame of mind for our times together. He might be right, but then we usually have a pretty long lead in. This time well over 2 weeks. But for someone who leads a reasonably busy but mundane and responsible lifestyle i welcome the opportunity. It is not that i am spending every waking hour thinking about what is to come, but it would be true to say that i have spent a fair amount of time either zoning out of what i am meant to be doing or as i like to think of it, getting into the zone.

We have chatted online each evening this week, discussing, as you might expect, what might happen at the weekend. Tonight, and we haven’t spoken yet, i am pretty much as near the edge you can be. It has been a cumulative effect. Discussions about what i will wear, what i will bring with me, what will happen as soon as i arrive. Then Him encouraging me out of my semi nun like celibate lifestyle into orgasms before sleep and on waking. Last night i asked Sir if i should perhaps wear my butt plug before Friday at some point, he of course agreed.

I put it in shortly after getting home from work, and am wearing it now 4 hours later.

There is nothing like being filled like this, i find, to put me in the zone. i cannot move, walk, even sit without considering Sir and how much i desire to be with him. I know that this is the main reason  i feel as i do right now but it is a wonderful feeling. i know though, that tomorrow without the plug, as i take hubby to his stag weekend, as i sit at might desk working, as i take son to his train to spend his weekend with graduating friends, as i shave, shower, pack then drive. I will be just a short finger or tongues distance from the most amazing orgasm. Of course i also know that before i get that i will be on my knees showing Sir who i am, and where i belong.

i love being in this zone.

Back Sunday!

(Picture by Paul Mcaulay)

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