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He likes it!

Sir has read my blog and he likes it. i would admit to having been a little anxious over the last 10 days or so about whether i had done the right thing in sending Him the link to my blog. But last night, he told me he thought it was well written, so much so, he even feels like he was there!

This is a big week for us, because for the first time since that initial night we are going to be together over night, we will go to sleep together and wake up together. i am beyond excited about the prospect. There is something so much nicer after sex, particularly sex which has involved some of the very thrilling things we like to do together, not to have to get out of that bed and drive 100 miles home!

Unfortunately to get to Friday, i have a busy working week. There is only one of me doing my job, and this means that it is easy to get behind. This is particularly easy when you take a few days off, which i did. Things are catching up on me, i have deadlines and they approach fast right now. Still being busy helps time to progress when you are almost beside yourself with excitement don’t you think? I also have hubby organising to do. He is off on his stag weekend on Friday and he will need to be got ready and apparently he also needs me to take him somewhere to meet the groom and other travellers, just when i ought to be at work. i suggested a train but he doesn’t seem to think train are an option for him, even though i can drop him at the door of the station. i’d like to develop a more dominant stance on this, but it doesn’t seem in my nature. Plus there are fights you should have and those you shouldn’t and given what i will be up to by Friday night the latter seems best!

5 thoughts on “He likes it!”

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  2. You're so brave! I don't think I'll ever work up the nerve to share my blog with him… I have copy and pasted a post or two to share, but never a link. I'm way to shy! I know, the irony…


  3. yay im glad he likes it, i guess it must be difficult handing over your thoughts like that, but thats i think the best part of aids in letting them know how and what your thinking and thats all good.

    Hope the weekend goes well, and happy for you that your staying overnight thats a big step but a good one.

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