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We had a very nice online kind of chat. Discussed both of our days and talked through some of our recent real life difficulties. i love the chats about life in general as much as i enjoy our sex chats. Any way we moved on to discussing next week. Not only is hubby off to the far north for a stag weekend of drinking and general bad behaviour but son is off to the graduation party of his mates ( a year in California makes your degree last 4 years and means you graduate after your year). Usually i would embrace a weekend of me time. But given that i now have sir, who wouldn’t think that time with him wouldn’t be preferable.

We talked through what is to be expected next week, the clothes and shoes i will take with me and finishing up with what i will wear when i arrive.

Our relationship is about trust. It is about consensual sex, about knowing what we can expect from each other. That is not to say there won’t be surprises, there aways are.

At the end of the conversation we discussed what i will be wearing when i arrive at Sir’s next week. Then, knowing that i have had no orgasms since our last get together all those days ago, Sir instructed me to go to bed and to cum for him.

Shockingly for me this took just a few short minutes of pussy stroking, clit pressure, clit stroking and a very nice combination of all three. It just shows what can happen when you are told what to do and you apply your mind in the right way! Bring on the real thing!

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