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So today i head off to Barcelona for the weekend with hubby, my brother and his girlfriend, it feels like a good time to tell you that i have been writing this blog. You will have received the url in an email and i hope you read it. By doing so i hope that you can tell, if you didn’t know already that meeting you has had a profound effect on me and on my life. i just want to say, Sir, that i couldn’t be more glad that i stumbled across you on that particular chat site. That we played out that scene that night, that we chatted on the phone and that i was brave enough to turn up when we arranged to meet. In 3 short months you have helped me to find a completely different side to myself.

i started writing this blog soon after, as a place to write about myself and the person i hoped to become. i hope you will agree that with your help i am well on that journey. Who would have believed that i would become such a slut, and what is more your slut!

As you know i would give anything to be heading away for the weekend with you, but rest assured i will be thinking about you and about the wonderful things we do together, the amazing way you make me feel and will be looking forward to us being together for at least a whole night later this month.

With all of my love Sir,
Joolz xxx

5 thoughts on “Dear SIR”

  1. hey are brave..I haven't been so brave and the longer it goes without being said, the harder it is for me to share with him.

    ps i hope you don't mind I have named your blog in the one lovely blog award..though i know someone has already named it.

    L x

  2. Thanks both of you,

    I returned last night and we have chatted online, and since i wanted to catch up with him rather than quiz him about if he has read it and what he thought, i didn't ask. (Mind you he didn't say either). Tonight though, when we chat again i will.

    Barcelona was wonderful, plus unlike this washout of a British summer, hot and sunny.

    A post later on various sunny things me thinks!

  3. Have a great trip! (Blog writing was a requiremeent of my contract, I have found that journaling often is for subs – helps the Dom peek inside the brain a bit, I guess – but I know that not everyone is delighted to find out they are the subject of an on-line share, so hopefully that all goes how you would like.)

  4. enjoy the holiday!!

    em, my blogging wasnt part of our arrangement, altho BIKSS did suggest it. Initially it was for something else, but this is the direction it finally took..

    and yes, he loves to read the stuff i write cos he says even tho he's present for most of the things i blog about, he gets to see MY point of view. and that has helped him a great deal.

    so i hope this turns out (like kitty said) to be the way you're thinking/ hoping.


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