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Preparations begin again

A week tomorrow i will be with Sir again. This time, he has a few days off work and is coming to stay nearby. We will be able to see each other both on Monday evening and much of the day on Tuesday. i would love to spend the night with him, but in order not to arouse unnecessary suspicion i am spending the night at home. In reality this will also allow us to get some rest – if previous encounters are anything to go by. Sir has booked the accommodation, i am in charge of booking the restaurant for dinner. He wants me to book somewhere where they have table cloths on the tables, this is not all that easy these days. He obviously has in mind to be a little naughty while we are out and about.

When you are in a relationship like this, there needs to be planning. Time is precious and there is a feeling that you don’t want to waste it. But we are learning not to over plan, since a bit of spontaneity is a very good thing and certainly adds to the eroticism of the moment. i know though that i won’t be able to help myself thinking about what i will wear, down to the underwear (or lack of it). i will be thinking of those first few moments in the room with Sir and how things will progress. i will be thinking of the meal and wondering what He has in mind for me during it. We have been discussing my getting one of those remote controlled eggs for him to control. i am definitely up for that one. i will be thinking of the weather, because on Tuesday we want to be able to get outside. Of course neither of us can control that one!

All in all it feels really exciting; i just have to get through this next week to get there!

3 thoughts on “Preparations begin again”

  1. Oh i'm well aware of the intricacies required in planning when involved in such a relationship. I've learnt to leave things to fate and always just remember that if we can't be together as planned, it's NOT because he doesn't want to. I'm insecure. but getting better. And the remote controlled egg is a GOOD idea. get one!
    Good luck!

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