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The challenges of the online world

I have been blogging since 2006 and still have another place that i write my thoughts (mainly to do with work related stuff), though i have been bad at updating it lately. In the past that blog has received quite a few visitors and through them i have visited lots of other blogs and read lots of very interesting and informative posts. when i first started exploring the D/s lifestyle one of the first thing i did was to look at and read blogs. Lots and lots of them. I find other people’s lives, even when they think they are doing quite dull things, to be really interesting. Maybe i am nosey, or maybe i like the fact you can make ‘friends’ with people online. Indeed some of my Facebook friends are from my online blog community. i don’t get many visitors here yet, but that is fine. i am writing most of this stuff for myself so i can go back and look later to see how my journey is progressing, my thoughts and feelings etc.

In all my time blogging i have never had one of my posts completely stolen. So i was really shocked yesterday to come across this post on Submissive Sanctury. Lil does write beautifully, so i guess if you were going to plagiarise, her’s would be the kind of work to take. But when you proport to be writing about yourself and your life why steal the lives of others? Do some people just not have their own original thoughts. Lets face it, it is easy to take the work of others from the internet, but why not ask someone if you can reproduce something, or as i have done, link to it?

The other type of place i go to online is to some of the various ‘lifestyle’ forums. After exploring 2 or 3 i have decided i quite like Fetlife. I have found though that peope can be just as judgemental there as in any other place (real or online). It is interesting to me that people who may find themselves judged by others for their beliefs and for the way they conduct their lives can themselves lay judgement on others. Sex outside of marriage without the consent of ones spouse is a particular area that gets people going; this makes it wise, for a person like me, to choose carefully how i contribute if i don’t want to be shot down in flames (which i don’t). The good thing is that i have found a new online friend who is in a similar position to me, though further forward, and i have joined a couple of groups on fetlife that are more sympathetic to people such as me.

The online world is not substitute for real life, but it sure can be an interesting place if you know where to look!

2 thoughts on “The challenges of the online world”

  1. Hi littleone,

    Thanks for your kind comments. I have been reading your blog and the updates about your own journey. I do hate the deceit, and would tell hubby but i am fearful of what he might do or say next. As you can see this is my first ever D/s relationship and i find that its nature is opening up feelings in myself that i didn't know existed. I think that a one off or two off fuck is one thing, but as we move on into what becomes a relationship it is something else. I think only you can know if your hubby would give that permission – human relationships are pretty tricky aren't they?

    I know i need to get him to make his own tea and biscuits, my Sir keeps going on about that too!

    J x

  2. hi Joolz, i have just found your blog and though not red it all I did read your journey page. I sat there and said 'this woman is me!' I am enjoying your journey and applaude your courage in being able to find your Master and follow your bliss with your hub in the background. I chose to do this with hubs knowledge, but sex is a hurdle that needs to be broached for me. I too am not a deceitful person as you have recognised in yourself. I need hubs permission to fuck another..i haven't got that yet..and he too, will not take that lying down. I think I have the same choices to make as you. Do I do this, lock stock and two smoking barrels, without his knowledge (the guilt takes away any enjoyment for me) or do i continue to wait for his permission?

    I can't wait to read more from you Joolz…ps get hub to make the tea and fetch the biscuits 😉 Not very submissive, but it seems that he has his cake…you need to nibble it sometimes.

    L x

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