TMI Tuesday – 29 August 2017

1. Have you ever had sex in the changing room of a store?

No, I can’t say I have and it probably isn’t on my list of places to have sex in. I am more likely to go for an open space rather than a small cubicle!

2. Ever blindfolded your partner for sex or have you been blindfolded during sex?

I’ve been blindfolded on several occasions. I love it when I don’t need to think about what is going on, but to just experience it. Being blindfolded enhances other senses, of touch, smell, sound. 

3. Who out there likes to be tied up for sex?

I have frequently been tied up for play, which also involves some kind of sex act. When it comes to the actual sex though, it is good to be able to move. Having said that, if he wants me tied up for sex, then I am. There is something weirdly freeing when I am restrained. No point in resisting, and so I just don’t. Coupled with being blindfolded, is perfect in my book.

4. Shower sex…yea or nay? Why?

I love having a shower together and getting all soapy and wet, then seeing what comes next. So oh yes. 

5. Ever done a striptease for a lover?

Yes, in my younger days. I dare say, I could easily do so again.

Bonus: What are you thinking?

That I would like to get down to some of this right now. But right now Master is an hour or so away, and I have my mother here. Still, something good to look forward to.


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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4 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday – 29 August 2017”

  1. I’ve been in a few changing rooms large enough to have sex in but … none of them have ever excited me that much. Even with all the mirrors.

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