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The mark

We have spoken so many times about me getting a tattoo. I know that he loves a woman with tattoos marking her body. In theory I love the idea too and want what he wants. But all along I have … Continue reading

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Recollections of the past

A couple of weeks ago I installed a widget that allows random posts from your blog to be reposted to Twitter or Facebook. I had noticed it on a few people’s twitter feed and since I have almost 5 years … Continue reading

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What is necessary?

In the first few days after I moved my blog to this new place I made a few schoolboy errors. ¬†One of these was to accidentally delete all categories and tags I had dragged through. I guess that I could … Continue reading

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Looking back at our Eroticon weekend

When I left home on Friday to travel to Eroticon I had every intention of writing about it during the weekend. In fact, I ended up having very little time or energy for writing anything. I managed to complete something … Continue reading

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Life begins

They used to say that life begins at 40. I beg to differ. Over the last year of my 30’s I lost weight in a vain attempt to make myself feel something special about the coming decade. Often though I … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary

My 54+ years have contained highs and lows. In the main, the highs win over the lows. I am a half full rather than half empty person. I enjoyed a happy childhood with loving parents who tried to give us … Continue reading

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365 Questions – 18th January, Follow your heart

My head rules my life. While I may appear to act on impulse and to to follow my gut feeling or indeed my heart that really isn’t the case. Instead I plan and consider what I should do and then … Continue reading

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Anticipating the year to come

Just over a week into the new year, and our holiday to Belgium behind us I am now thinking about the year ahead. While I am not necessarily a person who wholly believes in things like numerology, horoscopes or other … Continue reading

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New Year Sex

This post was written on Monday, for Wicked Wednesday, however, I am currently without WiFi and am also unable open Rebel’s page. So am just posting it as an ordinary blog. It was icy on Friday morning. Unusually I was … Continue reading

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Do you ever think you see something or someone in your sightline, turn around and realise that the thing or person is not there? Just part of your imagination? Perhaps a shadow. A shadow of the person you were, of … Continue reading

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