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Submissive Coffee Club #226

PiercingsĀ  We had only been together for a couple of months when Master told me that he would like me to have some piercings. Interestingly this was something I had also wanted for some time. I had discussed the idea … Continue reading

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pierced nipples – the reality

Getting on for 3 years ago I had my nipples pierced. It was the first sign of my submission to him and something I had thought about for a long time. In many ways it has been a fantastic experience, … Continue reading

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365 Questions – 21st January

Today I wish I had more …… Tone in my breasts. But I am a menopausal woman who is approaching 55 years of age. When I touch myself these days the flesh beneath my fingers feels soft and spongy rather … Continue reading

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T is for …

Torture and tits, sometimes these two things go together. Torture in our relationship, might be the collective noun for all of the things that Master loves to do to inflict pain but also to give pleasure to his slave. What … Continue reading

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P is for…………

Present for her nipple piercing (one thing today) Master presented his girl with a present at the weekend. Something to help to stretch her pierced nipples. It would be true to say that both Master and slave are interested in … Continue reading

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N is for……..

Nipples and new things They took time to heal, but now that they are, I am enjoying trying out some new jewellery in them. Master has just bought some nipple stretchers which are for pierced nipples, and so we will … Continue reading

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Piercing realities

When we had this girl’s nipples and clitoral hood pierced the emphasis was on finding a piercer who would provide this service in the cleanest, safest and most professional way. There were some issues with the original person, not that … Continue reading

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Lateral thinking

For us girls masturbation is all about applying direct pressure to your clit, or maybe your g-spot isn’t it? Plus it’s all about something you do for yourself. Well no, sometimes neither of the above is true. Sometimes it is … Continue reading

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It is just over a year since, at the age of 51 I became a pierced woman. OK so I had my ears pierced at about age 12 or 13, but this is definitely different. These piercings of my nipples … Continue reading

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