This girl, this slave, was used by her Master this morning.

The past couple of weeks, since this girl was collared have been quiet. Last weekend this girl felt quite unwell – one of those non specific problems that never quite materialises into an actual illness, but none the less you don’t feel well. Sex occured, but this girl wasn’t really an active participant. So much so, that the absence of orgasms on her part didn’t feel like any kind of issue.

This weekend has been different. Master and this girl spent the weekend at her place so she could get some chores done. It has been a pleasant and quiet time, but she has been used; in all three holes.
Master reminded this girl of the need to start each sentence with ‘this girl’.
This girl knows how Master gets off on the power and control elements of their relationship and it is perhaps the biggest area that she needs to work on. It is just too easy to slip into ordinary life and then failing to remember this girl’s place in the order of things.
Anyway, back to this morning.
Master spent time bringing this girl to orgasm through stimulation of the nipples that He owns; tweaking, pinching and then sucking. Then He mounted her, thrusting His wonderful cock inside the first of her slutty holes. The tight cunt was temporarily resistant, but after a few moments this girl felt Him slide into His property. At that point she felt the familiar relief to feel Him inside her, to know that she was about to be used. The most amazing thing is the way He is able to stroke His cock against the piercing as He moves in and out of her, those first few strokes are almost enough to bring her to orgasm.
Then came the instruction to get on top of Master, something this girl did with pleasure. This girl has said it before, but a position that on the face of things seems so dominant is just such a submissive place for a slave to be. Master has such control over so much of His slave’s body while she is the one who does all of the work. At some point during that part of proceedings, this girl’s mind emptied and she felt herself sink (or maybe rise), into her slave space.
Master proclaimed that it had been months since this girl’s arse had been properly used, and so He proceeded to throughly use her. If this girl was already submitting to her Master, and if she was already in subspace, then this act took her to another place entirely. It took her to a place where she was unable to move her body and then to a place where she brought herself to orgasm while He pounded inside her.
Then, just as if an alarm clock went off. This girl’s mum phoned. Master gave her permission for her to pick up the phone (there was a few minutes gap in proceedings and there is only one person who would ring before midday on a Sunday).
But, not to be outdone by either this girl or her mother, Master had kept things going with His cock during the interlude. So, this girl was able to claim her reward. Leaning down to take Master’s cock into her mouth, He was able to use this girl’s third whole. This girl is proud to say that Master came into her mouth.
Yes, it has been a while. But this morning, this girl was used.

His play thing

It had been a while since He had played with her and she had forgotten how much she needs such time. She stood naked before Him as He put tape around her to frame her breasts, then more tape across her eyes. As instructed she now lay on the bed.

He secured her ankles in the spreader bar. Though He didn’t restrain her hands, just having her legs spread in that way, was enough.

She listened to Him moving around and then heard the unmistakable crackle of the violet wand, closely followed by the sensation of it connecting with her skin and the smell of ozone. He combed her hair, stroked her arms, and then connected with the clamps on her nipples. She jumped. He connected again and she felt herself pulling away from where she perceived He might put the wand next. At the same time she relished the delicious feeling of tingling pain.

Her best friend the hitachi is applied, and she is granted an orgasm.

Next, and maybe this might seem bizarre, He shaved her bush. Since May, she has been growing the hair for Him. For the most part, since then, she has been taking care of it herself, growing it to His liking. Today though, He decided it was time to shape it, into a smaller triangle. For her, there is something erotic about lying on a bed, restrained and blindfolded while her Master shaves her in this way. She hears Him take the water away, and then a draw opening and closing. Suddenly He is flogging her – mainly the thighs; she cries out in pain. He brings back the hitachi and the pain turns to pleasure, or maybe the pain was pleasure? Who knows.

He tells her to turn over, on her knees, bottom in the air. Suddenly, immense pain – He has clamped her labia. She tells Him that this hurts, fucking hurts! Then more flogging, it is difficult now to know what hurts more, her reddening backside or the labia. Then there is the hitachi again. Damn that man for giving her just the right combination of pain and orgasm so that just when she thinks she can take no more pain it subsides into the distance.

Then the pain is over and she is on her back again. Unrestrained, all her senses returned to her. He is inside His toy. Taking her and also giving her what she needs.

Taking what He needs, but always, always giving.



After the week that this girl has had, she longs to hear Him ask her who she belongs to and to be able to reply that she is His. That opportunity will hopefully come later today.
This girl has come to value the knowledge that she is owned and to get pleasure from hearing Him say those words. But it is not just words, it is through the things He does. The way in which He holds her, the way in which He looks at her and the feelings she gets as He does so.
The need to submit to Him is an overwhelming feeling that this girl has. It is difficult sometimes to express that feeling into words, which is a little useless when you are writing a blog post such as this!
This relationship is no longer limited by the needs of another relationship. This girl and master have the freedom to allow things to develop. This girl is getting ready to make significant changes to her own life particularly in formally ending her marriage.
For all the sadness she feels at the loss of her father, this girl looks forward with a positive heart. Happy in the knowledge she is owned.

Saturday morning fun

Master introduced two new toys shortly after we woke on Saturday morning. The first was some kind of oddly shaped gadget, apparently called (according to the website he obviously bought it from) an intimate part spreader. Also according to the website it stimulates the G spot. Well. It certainly stimulated the G spot. Plus seemed to cause this girl’s clit to go into some kind of spasm. That is some toy!!! It looks weird, but wow!!

This girl was ready for anything. Just as well, since He then introduced something else. Something this girl can only describe as a snake. Well, kind of very very long, double ended cock. Master made His girl fuck herself silly with that cock. Apparently it is suitable to fit in two different holes, or two different girls. Obviously the opportunities are endless.
By the time this girl had had her cunt spread, her labia exposed, her clit blown on and then a large snake fucking her, she was a gibbering wreck deep in a subby space. Her reward for giving Master the pleasure of watching His girl used in this way was to be able to take Him in her mouth and reap the benefits of His orgasm.
This girl loves to give and receive pleasure and that was some pleasure. This girl was fit to burst with her own happiness.
Unfortunately later, events out of her control sent her into a bit of a tail spin. Events which took her all of Sunday morning to recover from.
This girl has spoken before of the problems associated with the whole polyamorous lifestyle. Once again it was that whole thing which stopped this girl feeling quite as good as she had done. At times it is hard to understand quite what this girl or indeed Master does to deserve such highs and then such lows. But it is as it is. Things are back on an even keel again now, but this girl has to wonder for how long. This girl often wonders how she might get through this whole thing. Whether it is worth it. On Saturday night and into Sunday, she had serious doubts.
But it isn’t often in life a girl gets the chance of the kind of happiness Master brings to her. The fun they have together, the way they are able to laugh through difficult situations. Life was never meant to be easy, and for sure it isn’t. The life this girl and her Master are living is complex and down right complicated. But from where this girl sits right now it is worth it.
Anyway where else will she find a man who has such a wonderful range of gadgets and isn’t afraid to use them!

Reclaiming His girl

This girl didn’t really know what to expect, after all He had just spent the night on a plane, flying across America and the Atlantic. This girl remembers the last time she did that, and how she felt. Mind you she did deal with a dying cat that day, while hubby lay in bed. But that is another story.

They had no sooner arrived at Master’s house than He had her on her knees sucking His cock. Reminding her Who owned her and how much she loved to worship.

Then He set about reclaiming the rest of the body that this girl already knew He owned, but which He wished to repossess. For His own.

Within the first hour (maybe less), this girl had also been granted 5 orgasms.

For a while He appeared to be asleep, this girl lay spooned against Him and drifted off too. Suddenly though He was awake and very soon after she was able to take Him in her mouth and to taste His seed. How she relished that after nearly 4 weeks.

Then He really did sleep. For a while this girl, who hasn’t been sleeping well did too. Then she lay watching him, and later read her book. Being close to Him was all that mattered. During that time this girl found herself relaxing into her submission and thinking about her desire to be His slave.

Eventually though He was awake and Master and this girl spent a good couple of hours just being together. We talked about this girl’s submission and how it had developed beyond what either of us had imagined. But for much of the time, this girl just experienced that whole thing in reality. His touch, His words, the look in His eyes.

His words – “who owns you?”  – “You Master”. “Who are you?”  – “this girl”.

This girl is slave to Her Master, but the finer details of what that means are still to be discussed.

This girl just knows that this is right. For her, for Him. Right now.

This girl feels she has been reclaimed. She feels thoroughly owned.