Power as aphrodisiac


It is the power that Master has over me that turns him on. He frequently articulates this to me. When I call him Master, refer to myself as this girl, his slut or most recently cum rabbit*, he tells me just how much is turns him on. And this is highly likely to transfer itself to his trousers. His cock will grow and harden, filling his pants and trousers. A direct result of the words spoken by us.

In turn, the knowledge that he has power over me and that this turns him on makes me aroused. A throbbing feeling within my cunt, the tell tale signs of dampness in my underwear. Because this power is, I think is at the centre of our dynamic. His power over me makes me want to show my submission to him. To kneel before him, to take his cock in my mouth, to feel his hands on my head. Sometimes this power, and the arousal that goes with it is sufficient to make me want to strip off my clothes and be naked before him. I know that he will want to touch the body he owns, to stroke my breasts and nipples or clitoris.

His power over me is demonstrated most through his ability to control my orgasms. By the fact that he can count down from 5 or 10 or more and on uttering 1 and then the word cum, I do. Finally I must thank him and reiterate that the orgasm belongs to him. The confirmation that his power over me is all consuming an infinite.

* Must have been having a moment when I wrote this yesterday, it should be cum puppy!

Orgasm control

Probably the first ‘rule’ applied to me as a new submissive was orgasm control. I was told that my orgasms no longer belonged to me, that they were his property and that I should ask permission to orgasm and that once I had cum, I must thank him and tell him that it was his.

I had read quite a bit about being a submissive by that time, and orgasm control seemed to be common place. What is more, S had required me to ask permission to cum when we were together, so this was nothing new.

Orgasm control with Master is a little different though. This isn’t about me feeling that I am about to cum and then seeking permission, this is about him demanding that I cum when, where and how he wants. Over time, and with training or conditioning, much like one of pavlov’s dogs, I really can cum at the moment he desires. He may be stroking my clit, he may be pinching a nipple, he may be deep inside one of my holes, or there may be no physical contact at all. But, when he says cum, I do.

I have long since stopped wondering how this can be happening to me, I suspect it is a form of conditioning as mentioned above. I love the control he has over me, that he can make me cum at will. It adds to the feeling of control that I know that he has over me and it makes me horny just to think about.

Occasionally he denies me an orgasm at the time I request it, but he is not very good at doing so for long. He truly loves me to cum and see and feel the juices that flow, to hear my breathing change, to hear me gasp, to see the look in my eyes. I love him for this; who wouldn’t? I know other submissive women are denied orgasms for prolonged periods, so I count myself extremely lucky.

For me, the advantages of having my orgasms controlled far out weigh any disadvantages. I recognise it as part of what I have ‘signed up for’ in agreeing to become his slave. It is part of the control, part of his ownership of me, my body and mind. Part of the power he has over me and which be both know we need.

I guess the only small disadvantage is that it means that when I am alone and I decide I need to cum it is less pleasurable than when we are together. I still thank him for the orgasm, and tell him it is his, but if he is not there to hear me say the words then what is the point. So, even though I am allowed, I tend not to orgasm very often when I am on my own. The feelings produced by my fingers or a vibrator are good, but they last just a few moments. I much prefer that he be there and that the control is overt and real.

The joy and the kink of the missionary position

If you had asked this girl about the missionary position a few years ago, she might have rolled her eyes. Most if her sexual experience, what there had been of it, had been spent there. That isn’t to say other positions weren’t attempted, but it was the preferred position of the husband.

Not so much submissive to this girl, as a complete bore!
Who knew though, that a girl on her back, legs spread, could be the slut she is: In the missionary position? What is more, there is nothing boring about it.
He spread girl’s legs and examined the labia He owned. Then He leaned down and claimed the clit with His mouth. He nibbled and he licked. She felt His teeth, she felt Him suck. She moaned with pleasure. They both knew, however that orgasm was a while away. Moments later, He plunged His fingers into the damp, hot pussy. He worked her now as He rubbed the clit. Suddenly He spoke.
“Who do you belong to?”
“You Master”,   she replied
“Who owns this girl’s body?”
“You do Master”
“Who’s cunt are you?”
“Your cunt Master”
“Who are you”?
“this girl’. “Yes”. He said. That is your slave name.
“This cunt,” He reminded “say it’…………….      “this cunt”, she repeated.
“Come cunt”
Master counted His cunt down, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 
she came, on command. her hips arching, body writing.  She couldn’t have stopped herself even if she had wanted.
Then, He thrust Himself into Her. As she lay there on her back, legs spread, ready for Him, as He released Himself into Her.
This was missionary position sex, but not as she knew it in the past.
Some things that are important here:
1) This girl is a cunt or any other name He chooses
2) This girl is now an owned and registered slave (more of that later).
3) This girl’s slave name is: this girl.

Cum bunny

New title for this girl over the weekend. It would be true to say that she first coined it for herself, but it stuck. If there is one thing He likes, it is to take orgasms from His girl. He loves the power He has over them, that it is He who gives permission and who has the control, after He is the owner of them. It is He who determines the type of orgasm, whether stimulation is involved and then of what. The girl is merely His toy, His plaything, His slave.

So here is the thing, how much of an orgasm is physical and how much of it is in the mind? We were discussing the different types of orgasms this girl has given her Master over the past few days. The ones which involve penetration, and so originate from the g-spot, or have direct stimulation of the clitoris are most definitely different in their feel and intensity than those brought on by say nipple stimulation. The feel of Him filling her, while her muscles contract around Him just feed into the orgasm. For Him, well He just loves the feel of girl’s muscles contracting as she cums.

But then there is the power thing. He loves to count down, starting at 10, or 5 and then tells this girl to cum. Sometimes this doesn’t work as they both might like, but usually she is suddenly gripped with the feelings of an impending orgasm, and finds her hips arching and moisture oozing from within. It is getting on for a year since He first began to experiment with girl in this way and if anything it has led to a greater intensity in the orgasms than ever before.

When we are apart it is rare for this girl to need to orgasm, occasionally He tells her He wants her to orgasm, perhaps when she is wearing her plug. But she rarely seeks permission of her own accord. Personally, this girl prefers to cum in His presence, at His hand or spoken command.

This girl knows that Master loves how multi orgasmic this girl has become – indeed she is now His cum toy; cum bunny.

March Questions – We are happy to answer any questions you might have about us and our relationship, so ask away

For His pleasure

I haven’t written about my piercings very much, certainly not recently. But events this morning have had me thinking that perhaps I should say something here and now.

My nipples and clitoral hood were pierced in April last year. This was something I had considered in the past, but had not been brave enough to go through with. Having Him with me when I had the procedure done, and knowing how Much He wanted me to get those piercings was the incentive I needed. From the beginning they have been an amazing part of our sex life, giving both pain and pleasure to me and have enhanced His enjoyment of my body – in terms of power, pain, sexual arousal, to name but a few.

That is not to say there haven’t been one or two problems. The left nipple piercing was a little lower than the right and was always more painful. Changing jewellery was not without its issues and putting a ring in for the first time was complicated. One day, without me knowing the left ring partially fell out and I was unable to get the bar back in. For a couple of months I just had the one nipple pierce, but I am pleased to say that on our most recent trip to Amsterdam in November, I had the left nipple re-pierced. This time it looked and felt right and so far I have had no problems with it. Sadly this means that Master’s desire to link all 3 piercings together by a chain is still a little way off, but I am pretty sure we will get there.

One of the things both of us love, is the way in which I can ride Him and can use the clitoral hood bar to give pleasure to Him, of course at the same time I am getting something very good in return. He loves also to rub that bar while I grind on Him and bring me off.

This morning though He did something new for us. He used my nipple bar as foreplay for us both, rubbing the tip of His cock, slowly over it. gradually His cock became harder and harder. I contributed by biting His nipple, something He also loves. He used His other hand to stroke me some, exclaiming that I was wet (why wouldn’t I be?) and gradually He brought us both close to orgasm.

10, He started the countdown to the orgasm He was about to demand from His girl. Masturbating both me and Himself (how does He do that?), I felt the familiar feelings beginning to flow through me, 9, 8, 7, 6.

At this point I wondered if I would be able to hold off and if I did, whether I would be able to cum as He got to 1 and beyond. But the memory of that cock head on my nipple and the feeling of His fingers on me, brought me to the point – 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. He took His hand away and said CUM, just as my hips arched and I felt my cunt throb.

Shortly afterwards we brought Him to orgasm and I was able to claim a lovely breakfast time prize.

Sometimes the simplest things can give the most pleasure and this morning was one of those occasions.


This girl was a late starter to the experience of the orgasm. Sadly she has been married all these years to a man who has never quite worked out his role in giving pleasure to a woman. for years this girl tried to teach him what he needed to so, but since she herself was a novice it was not surprising that she failed. For some time, before she discovered the value of Mr Rabbit, this girl experienced orgasms while asleep, during dreams and would wake up with her pussy throbbing. however this girl was in her 40’s before she experienced an orgasm given to her by a man. This girl had a relationship for a couple of years with a man who was unable to have full sex. For a while, the ability he demonstrated with his fingers, was pretty much all this girl thought she wanted. But as she began to explore what other experiences might be out there she knew that this wasn’t enough. The relationship with S, taught this girl something of submission, pain and humiliation and their relationship with orgasm. For the first time this girl began to understand the power of this phenomena and what it could mean for her general sense of well being.

This girl was allowed pretty much free range to orgasm at will with S. At the beginning of their time together, there was some control of this girl’s orgasms at times when they were not together, but this did not continue. S loved this girl to cum and did little to control orgasms even when they were together, though at times he did instruct her to hold back.

In reality the way in which Sir controls this girls orgasms may not be massively different to her previous experience. After all, Sir also loves this girl to cum and she is allowed to cum an awful lot. He knows that the experience of her orgasm puts this girl into a very good place and He feels that if she needs to cum she should. But it really does feel different to this girl.

Sir owns this girl’s orgasms and she must ask for them, unless He has already said that she may cum at will (which He does if this girl is not going to be able to speak or he expects she will need to cum lots). What is more he now tells her to cum and some how this girl does. Every time this girl cums, she must thank Him and tell Him that the orgasm belongs to Him.

Sir has been training this girl to cum at his will. To begin with He would count while he was stroking her, gradually increasing the number within that count. Then He started to just rest His hand on this girl’s pubes and demand she cum. For some reason it seems that this girl is able to cum on demand in this way in His presence.

But it isn’t just orgasm control or orgasm on demand that is very different. It is the way in which this girl feels that they contribute to her submission. How they help her focus on Him and on His needs, how they calm her and make her into His girl. Then how they help put her into subspace and how that then deepens her submission and makes her focus on Him and His needs. And so on.

This weekend, Sir has been given many many orgasms by this girl, when they spent two nights and a whole day yesterday together. This girl was also lucky enough to have been played with by Sir yesterday afternoon. She became reacquainted with the violet wand and the Hitachi. This girl was able to orgasm while receiving many different painful stimuli, probably assisted by a little bondage.  Over the weekend this girl has also experienced orgasms with her Sir’s cock deep inside her. These orgasms are definitely different from the ones forced with or without touch and those that occur with the use of the Hitachi.

This girl thinks she may be a little addicted to orgasms but then she is also addicted to her submission, especially she feels that state deepen. Perhaps also she is also addicted to Sir Graeme!