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Orgasm control

Probably the first ‘rule’ applied to me as a new submissive was orgasm control. I was told that my orgasms no longer belonged to me, that they were his property and that I should ask permission to orgasm and that … Continue reading

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The joy and the kink of the missionary position

If you had asked this girl about the missionary position a few years ago, she might have rolled her eyes. Most if her sexual experience, what there had been of it, had been spent there. That isn’t to say other … Continue reading

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Cum bunny

New title for this girl over the weekend. It would be true to say that she first coined it for herself, but it stuck. If there is one thing He likes, it is to take orgasms from His girl. He … Continue reading

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For His pleasure

I haven’t written about my piercings very much, certainly not recently. But events this morning have had me thinking that perhaps I should say something here and now. My nipples and clitoral hood were pierced in April last year. This … Continue reading

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This girl was a late starter to the experience of the orgasm. Sadly she has been married all these years to a man who has never quite worked out his role in giving pleasure to a woman. for years this … Continue reading

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