P is for…………

Present for her nipple piercing (one thing today)

Master presented his girl with a present at the weekend. Something to help to stretch her pierced nipples. It would be true to say that both Master and slave are interested in stretching her nipples for His pleasure.
The bar is a little bigger than she is used to and it turned out that she could only manage to insert one into the right nipple. So, the left will rest for a couple of days before she tries again. Once the bar is in place, you fit the twisty cone thing and then gradually extend the nipple through the metal work. It is comfortable to wear, even when the nipple has been stretched through a couple of turns through the metal coil. It is a little uncomfortable inside clothes right now, and so would be good if you were sitting naked. This girl, being alone tonight has slipped into her pyjamas, though has found it necessary to expose her right tit. Something made her feel that putting a butt plug in place this evening could work well as a combo.
This gadget may well lead to hours of painful pleasure and arousal.

Nipple play

I have been absent from Kink of the Week for a while. I knew Molly was taking over permanently, but hadn’t realised she had created a new home for it. Today though I read Malfic’s post and that led me, well here. Just in time too, since this one ends today!

For a long time I knew that my nipples were important for me sexually; nipple play and orgasm are closely linked. I can almost (but not quite) bring myself off by tweaking, pinching, twisting and generally caressing my own nipples. When a lover does the same thing though it really doesn’t take long. for too long I had no idea quite how important my nipples are to me sexually.Master has helped change my understanding, partly through my piercings and because he prefers his slave not to wear underwear including a bra where possible when we are together.

Combining the almost constant arousal that the nipple jewellery gives along with the way that those nipples brush against my clothes and it would be true to say that I am always well on the way to an orgasm when I am with Master. Add to that dimension the orgasm control that Master is able to exert over me then we have a situation where very little direct stimulation is required from him and I am giving him an orgasm on the count of 5 (or 10 or how ever many he decides).

Play or sex often starts with Master sucking or pinching His slave’s nipples; it helps get us both into that special place we both want to be. The fact that those nipples are always available to Him definitely helps and is something I am very happy with.

I must admit that since we had the piercings done there hasn’t been much in the way of nipple clamping, and that is maybe something I would like to change. Plus Master has mentioned the idea of stretching my nipples with some kind of gadget He has; I would be up for that.

Damn it, I love my nipples and love to have them played with, I am glad Master feels the same way.


Piercing realities

When we had this girl’s nipples and clitoral hood pierced the emphasis was on finding a piercer who would provide this service in the cleanest, safest and most professional way. There were some issues with the original person, not that he wasn’t clean or professional, but that he seemed unwilling to have Master present. His first role was as a tatooist and he seemed to be more at home with t that role rather than the intimacy and potential embarrassment of a piercing.

One of the nipple piercings just never felt right, it was set deeper into the nipple than it should have been and caused a few problems. The little balls that screw onto the end of a bar can come loose and fall off, and one day, this happened, causing the bar to slip. within hours, one end of the piercing had healed and no end of pushing did any more than cause pain and bleeding. So at the end of last year, on a trip to Amsterdam, we had the piercing redone, in the right place, in the right way and it healed quickly. Now, this girl had the piercings we both wanted.

What has become clear though, is the difficulties involved in buying the right jewellery – size, shape and in being able to fit that jewellery. Bars are easy, so are nipple shields. It is the rings that can be tricky. Well, less the rings than the little balls that complete the circle and prevent the ring from falling out. Perhaps if you are more dexterous than this girl is and maybe if your eyes are younger then you can manage. But to be frank, this girl has struggled.
Ideally, there would be a clean and shiny friendly shop on every street corner where you could go for assistance. The reality here is that most piercings are performed in tattoo parlours, much as was our original experience. A place where the procedure took place in an upstairs room, a dark and private place hidden from the world. Finding a more open, bright place like in Amsterdam is not really available round here. So, it is difficult to find the advice you need – how wonderful it would be to be able to learn from an expert in an open and honest way. But there just isn’t that kind of place locally.
So, a compromise has been found for now. A ring that isn’t quite a ring. Something that doesn’t involve trying to push a little ball into the almost joined ends of a ring. Something like this.
This girl is very happy with this new ring. She knows that Master is keen for a chain to connect the rings, and we will get there. Meantime, loving the effect.

Lateral thinking

For us girls masturbation is all about applying direct pressure to your clit, or maybe your g-spot isn’t it? Plus it’s all about something you do for yourself.

Well no, sometimes neither of the above is true.
Sometimes it is about another person.
Another person who knows you and your body.
It is about the fact that there are many more erogenous zones for a woman than her clit and her cunt (something that this girl’s ex hubby knew nothing about).
For Master, who controls this girl’s orgasms, the application of lateral thinking is always an option. For Him, the owner of not only a girl’s nipples but the rings contained therein (plus the rest of her body) it is about making the most of what is on offer. To be frank, this Man is an expert where that is concerned.
Starting with a few little tweaks, He pinched hard. Immediately this girl felt a twinge in her cunt. She wasn’t sure if she was getting wet, but it was a good bet.
He leaned over and sucked on one tit, while squeezing the other.
This girl knew that He was serious and that it was likely that she was already close (damn that He does this do easily).
This girl felt compelled to squeeze her pelvic muscles and to arch her hips.
Master reminded this girl that all orgasms belong to Him. Of course, she knows this.
He pinched again and sucked some more. This girl knew she was close and she knew that needed to ask for release.
Master granted that release with a count of 10………….
He continued to work this girl’s nipples and it was as much as she could do to prevent herself from reaching that special place before He reached 1.
She managed it and felt her cunt throb in response. At no time did He touch her clit, but she certainly came. That man is an expert when it comes to lateral thinking. 


My favourite thing – 400th post

In April 2012, new to the world of BDSM and fresh from my first D/s kind of encounter I started a blog which I called “world of joolz’.

Almost 2 years, what feels like a world away from those days I am writing my 400th post. Here on MPB.

Of all of the things I have done in that time probably the thing that means the most to me and indeed to Master are my piercings. I call them mine, but of course, they are His, since these nipples belong to Him. As does the whole of my (or this girl’s) body.

I had wanted to do something like this for some time, indeed S and I had discussed such things. But it wasn’t something I really took too seriously.

When Master and I discussed a permanent sign of my submission though, and the idea of piercings came up I knew pretty quickly that this was right. Even though we both said at the time that they were for me, because I wanted them, we knew that they meant a whole lot more. The jewellery worn in my piercings are still essentially the collar I constantly wear. They are a sign that I am owned. That He is my Master and I am His slave. It doesn’t matter that others don’t usually see them. They are there and we know it.

For this occasion, my 400th blog post, and because the right nipple is now properly healed, I am wearing something I haven’t worn before. A celebration nipple jewel!



For His pleasure

I haven’t written about my piercings very much, certainly not recently. But events this morning have had me thinking that perhaps I should say something here and now.

My nipples and clitoral hood were pierced in April last year. This was something I had considered in the past, but had not been brave enough to go through with. Having Him with me when I had the procedure done, and knowing how Much He wanted me to get those piercings was the incentive I needed. From the beginning they have been an amazing part of our sex life, giving both pain and pleasure to me and have enhanced His enjoyment of my body – in terms of power, pain, sexual arousal, to name but a few.

That is not to say there haven’t been one or two problems. The left nipple piercing was a little lower than the right and was always more painful. Changing jewellery was not without its issues and putting a ring in for the first time was complicated. One day, without me knowing the left ring partially fell out and I was unable to get the bar back in. For a couple of months I just had the one nipple pierce, but I am pleased to say that on our most recent trip to Amsterdam in November, I had the left nipple re-pierced. This time it looked and felt right and so far I have had no problems with it. Sadly this means that Master’s desire to link all 3 piercings together by a chain is still a little way off, but I am pretty sure we will get there.

One of the things both of us love, is the way in which I can ride Him and can use the clitoral hood bar to give pleasure to Him, of course at the same time I am getting something very good in return. He loves also to rub that bar while I grind on Him and bring me off.

This morning though He did something new for us. He used my nipple bar as foreplay for us both, rubbing the tip of His cock, slowly over it. gradually His cock became harder and harder. I contributed by biting His nipple, something He also loves. He used His other hand to stroke me some, exclaiming that I was wet (why wouldn’t I be?) and gradually He brought us both close to orgasm.

10, He started the countdown to the orgasm He was about to demand from His girl. Masturbating both me and Himself (how does He do that?), I felt the familiar feelings beginning to flow through me, 9, 8, 7, 6.

At this point I wondered if I would be able to hold off and if I did, whether I would be able to cum as He got to 1 and beyond. But the memory of that cock head on my nipple and the feeling of His fingers on me, brought me to the point – 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. He took His hand away and said CUM, just as my hips arched and I felt my cunt throb.

Shortly afterwards we brought Him to orgasm and I was able to claim a lovely breakfast time prize.

Sometimes the simplest things can give the most pleasure and this morning was one of those occasions.

His play thing

It had been a while since He had played with her and she had forgotten how much she needs such time. She stood naked before Him as He put tape around her to frame her breasts, then more tape across her eyes. As instructed she now lay on the bed.

He secured her ankles in the spreader bar. Though He didn’t restrain her hands, just having her legs spread in that way, was enough.

She listened to Him moving around and then heard the unmistakable crackle of the violet wand, closely followed by the sensation of it connecting with her skin and the smell of ozone. He combed her hair, stroked her arms, and then connected with the clamps on her nipples. She jumped. He connected again and she felt herself pulling away from where she perceived He might put the wand next. At the same time she relished the delicious feeling of tingling pain.

Her best friend the hitachi is applied, and she is granted an orgasm.

Next, and maybe this might seem bizarre, He shaved her bush. Since May, she has been growing the hair for Him. For the most part, since then, she has been taking care of it herself, growing it to His liking. Today though, He decided it was time to shape it, into a smaller triangle. For her, there is something erotic about lying on a bed, restrained and blindfolded while her Master shaves her in this way. She hears Him take the water away, and then a draw opening and closing. Suddenly He is flogging her – mainly the thighs; she cries out in pain. He brings back the hitachi and the pain turns to pleasure, or maybe the pain was pleasure? Who knows.

He tells her to turn over, on her knees, bottom in the air. Suddenly, immense pain – He has clamped her labia. She tells Him that this hurts, fucking hurts! Then more flogging, it is difficult now to know what hurts more, her reddening backside or the labia. Then there is the hitachi again. Damn that man for giving her just the right combination of pain and orgasm so that just when she thinks she can take no more pain it subsides into the distance.

Then the pain is over and she is on her back again. Unrestrained, all her senses returned to her. He is inside His toy. Taking her and also giving her what she needs.

Taking what He needs, but always, always giving.


Just over a week since the piercings were done and the initial pain and discomfort has settled. Well as far as the clitoral hood goes, there was very little pain once the little bar was in place. The nipples have been a different thing entirely. But even they have settled.

The area around the nipple, the areola, has been a little swollen meaning that the nipple itself looked less proud. But that also seems to be settling down. Giving the opportunity for some gentle play.

Sitting on Sir’s cock yesterday, this girl began to get a feel for just how much these piercings are going to be able to enhance her sexual pleasure and of course the satisfaction He feels. When this girl is penetrated, the little bar in the hood presses onto her clit and gives her the most amazing feelings of arousal. Put that together with a few nipple strokes and this girl is almost begging to cum.

This morning He spent some time just stroking gently, teasing her. She struggled to contain the urge to cum until given permission. He told her that she was one huge erogenous zone.

This girl is sure He is thinking of what He can do to her once she is completely healed. What jewellery they can use and what He can attach to them.

With summer coming, this girl is already looking forward to being out with Him, wearing no underwear. Wondering how He plans to play with her at these times and how the piercings will be involved in that.

It is clear to us both that the level of submission this girl can get to is enhanced by the insertion of a few little pieces of metal to those special places. This girl knows that she will be able to use this to help her remember who and what she is when things get difficult. Plus Sir knows He is going to be able to use them to get this girl into a very good place indeed with very little effort.

So far this feels like a win win.