Dreaming of summer

It’s a cold, grey Sunday in my part of England. One of the things I hate most about wintertime is the lack of sunlight. I can manage cold, I’ll even cope with a small amount of snow. But what I need is to see the sun. I long for a beautiful blue sky, a shiny yellow ball of bright light, wispy clouds. If only we had more bright sunny days.

Mind you I also miss the warmth of the sun in spring and summer. I miss the opportunity to wander around naked outside. Mind you, it helps if you are somewhere with a great view, a place like this.

A spanish view
Sinful Sunday


This girl has been losing weight, not as quickly as she would like, but slowly and surely. There have been times that she hasn’t wanted to see herself naked, though of course, she can never hide herself from Master. He has begun to recognise that she is serious about this and is encouraging the positive behaviours that will help (i.e. He is taking this girl to places where choices will be easier and reminding her of the rules relating to making Him pleased and proud of her) which is generally enough.

Today, this girl wore just two items of clothing – some cotton trousers and a top. Tonight after dinner, which Master had cooked, she stripped off, without being asked, for His pleasure.

For the first time in months this girl feels happy sitting naked as she types this. She feels happy to present herself as Master, her Lord’s slut and slave (not that she isn’t always pleased to be His slave). But tonight at last, she feels proud. Her reward has been several orgasms. Plus His pleasure in touching His property, in objectifying her and in taking the orgasms that He owns.

On days like this, a slave can wonder why it is that she doesn’t spend more of her time naked for His pleasure. Of course, life tends to get in the way. But since she is here to serve, she is here to be the person He wants and needs; and naked is what He wants.

A naked girl sits beside her Master right now. While He is fully clothed.

That is the natural order of life for this slave.

Night and day


As promised, over the next couple of days I will give some insights into our holiday in Spain.

Our first hotel, had a balcony, which as you can see overlooked the bay but was not particularly overlooked by people in the nearby rooms.


I say not particularly, because, actually it was possible to see and to be seen, but you would need to have been looking across rather than out to sea. I know, because shortly before the day time shot was taken, I did look across and there were some people looking out to sea.

Below the balcony you could see the bull ring; not in use at the time I am pleased to say.


The location was wonderful, positioned as we were. To our right were remains of a castle, which we explored after breakfast before we moved on inland.

My only regret? That I didn’t actually stick to my diet after Christmas. Still there is nothing like some photos of your rolls of fat plus the post holiday scales to kick start you into action.

The Castle