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slave stuff

There was a time when pretty much all posts on this blog were written in the third person. Each sentence that might have used the pronoun ‘I’ began instead with ‘this girl’ or ‘she’. This blog was about a personal … Continue reading

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Blogging A-Z Challenge: M

M is for Master / slave relationship There are times when I feel that our relationship together is just the same as everyone else’s. We have our ups and downs, we bicker and argue. But there are times when we … Continue reading

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Birthday fun

It was His birthday. He played, humiliated and used her as he wished.

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Blogging A-Z Challenge: G

G is for Girl This girl’s given name is girl. Just 2 weeks after Master and I met, I wrote this post. At that time I was sceptical that referring to myself in the third person was something I could … Continue reading

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Styled by Master

In the 3 years since she had been seeing Mark she was aware that their relationship may not have been as it seemed. At first she had felt in control, she paid him to cut and style her hair, meet … Continue reading

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SCC Writing #228 – This life

Much of the literature I had read before embarking on a D/s relationship was fictional. While very hot, this kind of writing tends to be more about play and kinky sex than real life. It wasn’t really until I was … Continue reading

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Submissive Coffee Club #226

Piercings  We had only been together for a couple of months when Master told me that he would like me to have some piercings. Interestingly this was something I had also wanted for some time. I had discussed the idea … Continue reading

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Kneeling in your 50’s

One of the key things a slave does is to kneel to their Master, right? There are numerous, neigh thousands of pictures online showing submission in action; a slave kneeling. Often He is clothed and she naked. There are specific … Continue reading

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The kink returns

There is probably nothing like blogging to say that the kink is absent from a relationship to make it return. Well I guess that’s is no accident since Master reads this blog. Not only does He read, but He likes … Continue reading

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The shorter the better

So Kink of the Week for 1-15 September is Hair. Having covered pubic hair already, the focus this time is the hair on your head. Master has a particular fetish for very short hair. In his ideal world his slave … Continue reading

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