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TMI Tuesday

Life: dating, your body and more 1. What period of your life was the happiest? Why? I am probably happier now than I have been at any time in my life. I enjoy my job, for all it is stressful. … Continue reading

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Q is for………

Questions: Found on tumblr, I give you these: 1:When did you lose your virginity? I guess I was quite late, since I was 18, especially since it was with someone who I had been going out with for a couple of years. I … Continue reading

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Meme time

A meme from PK via DelFonte 1. Yourself: happy 2. Your boyfriend/girlfriend (spouse): showering 3. Your hair: wet 4. Your mother: happier 5. Your father: gone 6. Your favorite item: iPhone 7. Your dream last night: unclear 8. Your favorite drink: … Continue reading

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Have you ever?

I just love it when I find new blogs to read, especially when they are original, informative and well written. Where the people involved in the blog feel real and what’s more, it turns out I have been missing out on … Continue reading

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A meme about Him

This meme is from DelFonte at A place of Fancies. Lets hope this girl has got it right. 1  He’s sitting in front of the TV, what is on the screen? Cricket. Sadly He won’t be happy since the people … Continue reading

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Meme time

Around here we are in a little lull before the next bit of action – In two weeks we go off on our next trip. We will be visiting Northern Spain and France. Things are generally calm in all areas … Continue reading

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Map of human sexuality – Something fun

Find out where I’ve journeyed on the Map of Human Sexuality! Or get your own here!   I found this through someone’s Fetlife profile. Click on the “map of human sexuality” hyperlink to see my map, and then you can … Continue reading

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Random facts

I am essentially short on new ideas for posts right now, partly due to the busy nature of my life currently  – a constant juggle of work, family and enjoying myself with Master, leaves little time or energy for writing. … Continue reading

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Back – Real Neat Blog Award

The holiday was marvellous; Two whole weeks of time together in the beautiful Spanish region of Andalusia. We explored the countryside, climbed hills, walked miles (often we walked miles, uphill on cobbles, or so it felt). We drove through wonderful landscape, and … Continue reading

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I found a new blogger via Abby, today. Ok so I am late to Han Van Meegeren’s party, but better late than never. These questions have appeared on his site, and been answered by Abby and others. Here goes: Kissed … Continue reading

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