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Horny on Sunday

Leads to Masturbation on Monday. This post is the narrative behind yesterday’s Sinful Sunday post. We had spent time painting, finishing off the walls in the hall and stairs that we had started before Christmas. Some areas were places that … Continue reading

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365 Questions – Day 37; Torture

If you could do today over, would you change anything? Maybe I wouldn’t wake up at 4am having a night sweat – the misery of the menopause – then I wouldn’t have struggled to get out of bed this morning. … Continue reading

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New Year Sex

This post was written on Monday, for Wicked Wednesday, however, I am currently without WiFi and am also unable open Rebel’s page. So am just posting it as an ordinary blog. It was icy on Friday morning. Unusually I was … Continue reading

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Kneeling in your 50’s

One of the key things a slave does is to kneel to their Master, right? There are numerous, neigh thousands of pictures online showing submission in action; a slave kneeling. Often He is clothed and she naked. There are specific … Continue reading

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Play thing

It had been a long time. We have a busy social life, like to travel and then there has been all of the work we have been doing on my house. Sometimes even our sex life has taken a back … Continue reading

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Kink of the week is about struggling against restraints which had me thinking about this photo taken while we were in Amsterdam a couple of years ago. Master left me hogtied on the bed while he went to have a … Continue reading

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One of the things Master loves is when I play with Him while He looks at kinky stuff on His phone. On Sunday morning we woke pretty early (for a Sunday), helped along with the extra hours sleep we had … Continue reading

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What’s in a name?

Last weekend Master and His girl were chatting about the way they refer to each other. Master asked if she remembered Him calling her by her given name, she couldn’t think of a day when that had happened. To Him, … Continue reading

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