This girl and her Lord

At last work is over, this girl’s mum is on the mend (she will be home from hospital tomorrow) and the holiday time can begin. Yesterday, she spent time catching up with things at home, paying bills, doing some last minute shopping before packing her bags and leaving home for two whole weeks.

There was one last thing to do before this girl went to Master’s house and that was to visit her mum in hospital. Mum has struggled with the realities of being confined in the hospital. Probably because unlike when she was in before she was actually ill and this time she really isn’t. This girl has to admit that she isn’t sorry she will be away and that her brothers will have to take responsibility over the coming days. She has a real need now to break away from these responsibilities for a while. She needs the slave space and she needs this extended time with her Lord.

The evening was relaxing – dinner, wine, chatting, music. It was fairly late when we went to bed, so this girl imagined that we might go to sleep quickly. But she imagined wrongly as Master decided it was time to reclaim His girl and remind her of who she was, what she was and her role in this relationship.

As Master stroked the body of His property and her hand felt for His growing cock this girl began to feel the stresses of the past couple of weeks evaporate. He demanded orgasms from her and to be honest she had no power within her to resist, even if she had wanted to. The power exchange during those moments is almost palpable.

This morning Master picked up where He had left off. His mission to get this girl to squirt continued as He spent time examining her, stroking and fingering her and then fucking her. It hasn’t quite happened to Master’s satisfaction yet, but this girl has a feeling that a big gush is not far away.

We spent time discussing the dynamic between us, about the feelings that this girl’s slavery and Master’s dominance have on each of us. How this girl loves the way Master uses her, the way in which by calling her this girl objectifies her and in turn how that arouses them both.

Master likes to be this girl’s Lord and she is increasingly comfortable calling Him just that, since it is Who He is.

We leave tomorrow and as suggested by tori, there will be a kinky photo blog of our travels, with a few words thrown in.



This weekend has been quieter than any I can remember in a long time. Between Friday evening and Sunday lunchtime there was no rushing about, no worrying about other people. The time spent was just us, Master and his girl. Time spent watching tv, browsing the internet separately and together, time eating and drinking together. We went out for lunch on Saturday lunchtime, but otherwise were home. Sadly, tiredness overcame me on both evenings and I slept while He watched TV.

Late last night though Master woke me to watch some porn with him. I had been sleeping once again in my wide leather collar, and this time my spanking skirt too. I struggled to wake up, but after a short time was feeling aroused by the online film He was watching. He suggested that we should do more of that, and I am sure we will.

Mornings are a special time for us. Often I wake first, and this morning was no exception. I always know when He is awake and ready for me, as He tends to move my hand onto His cock. I love to feel Him growing within my hands and then for Him to push Himself inside his girl’s slutty hole. After He had used me for a while, I cleaned His cock of my juices and then mounted Him. I know that others don’t find riding their Master a particularly submissive thing to do, but I find that it puts me deeper into subspace and that it makes me feel more submissive than in some other positions. It also gives a chance to use my clit piercing to best advantage for me, to allow His cock to rub along the piercing and then slide back inside me. He loves this feeling too, or I guess it wouldn’t happen in that way.

Master loves His girl to talk to Him in a dirty way, and this morning we discussed the way the girl on the porn film had spoken and how that turned Him on. We also talked about my piercings and what He plans for me as a greater sign of my submission to Him. The thought of the labia piercings; something I wouldn’t have considered a few months ago, excite me. I am sure that we will get those done, once we find the right person to do them for us.

Next weekend we will be away from both our homes together. We are staying in a hotel with a show and concerts arranged. The times when the outside world can be kept at bay are important and special. They give time for Master and His girl to be the people they want to be, in the way they want to be. For this girl, it gives the chance to serve and be Master’s slave. His pleasing bitch. She loves it!