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One of those update posts

The strain of blogging every┬ánearly every day for the Blogging A-Z challenge left me needing a break. I am so enthusiastic at the start of these memes but time, bad planning and the challenge of obscure words can get in … Continue reading

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The first….

I missed a post yesterday, so this little flower is in lieu of that. Something else later. This morning I looked out over the garden from my bedroom and saw that the first of my daffodils is coming into bloom. … Continue reading

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Life begins

They used to say that life begins at 40. I beg to differ. Over the last year of my 30’s I lost weight in a vain attempt to make myself feel something special about the coming decade. Often though I … Continue reading

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Argentinian chorizo

I am not even sure they make chorizo in Argentina, but Master’s dream about it on Thursday night / Friday morning has been the joke of our weekend. We don’t usually spend Thursday night together, but because Friday was going … Continue reading

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Looking back, looking forwards

From time to time I have a look back at what I might have written this week or month in previous years on this blog. This morning, prompted by a photo of my then very old and now deceased and … Continue reading

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Life has been busy. Work has been busy. Sometimes my mum winds me up. Other people wind me up; namely my lazy younger brother and my ex (though thankfully not at the same time). But what has occurred to me … Continue reading

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Just getting on with things

We have been busy living our life, having a good time and when we are busy doing that, there isn’t often much kink to write about. Often also, when there has been a whole stream of posts about our kinky, … Continue reading

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What has changed?

I drove up to the house and found the driveway blocked by a car. I leaned on the car horn, there was no response. Once again, and nothing. I got out of the car, the temperature cool, unseasonably so for … Continue reading

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Just when you start to get complacent

Something happens. The past few weeks, probably since Christmas have been great. I have settled into a routine which mainly involved working most of the week, spending my day off with my mum and weekends with Master. This weekend coming … Continue reading

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Thoughts from a morning’s painting

All 4 walls are now covered in the chosen colour. The ceiling has been painted twice and no longer looks patchy. This morning i have spent a lot of time painting around windows, doors, the ceiling, radiator, that kind of … Continue reading

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