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365 Questions – Day 37; Torture

If you could do today over, would you change anything? Maybe I wouldn’t wake up at 4am having a night sweat – the misery of the menopause – then I wouldn’t have struggled to get out of bed this morning. … Continue reading

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Tale of the unexpected!

It started the way it often does and ended in the way it often does. In between things were a little different. A little unexpected. Looking at porn on His phone is something that He often does when we are … Continue reading

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Life has been busy. Work has been busy. Sometimes my mum winds me up. Other people wind me up; namely my lazy younger brother and my ex (though thankfully not at the same time). But what has occurred to me … Continue reading

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The kink returns

There is probably nothing like blogging to say that the kink is absent from a relationship to make it return. Well I guess that’s is no accident since Master reads this blog. Not only does He read, but He likes … Continue reading

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It’s been over a month

Since my last post. I feel kind of ashamed that I am not posting regularly. I visit often, I read the blogs on my blog list but for one reason or another haven’t felt inclined to post here. Why is … Continue reading

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Random facts

I am essentially short on new ideas for posts right now, partly due to the busy nature of my life currently  – a constant juggle of work, family and enjoying myself with Master, leaves little time or energy for writing. … Continue reading

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Tori’s questions

Tori has given me three questions to answer, so here goes 1) Describe one of your most favourite scenes so far? I think some of the early play times remain my favourites. This is partly because it was all so … Continue reading

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Maybe we’ll need something like this for our weekend away………….  

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Finding ‘it’ again

Over the past few weeks we have either been to busy or else too lethargic to explore our M/s sides. I haven’t necessarily been unhappy with the way things have been, since there is always an undercurrent of BDSM in … Continue reading

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Kinky sex

Lots of it. I wrote this on Monday, but somehow didn’t find the time to post. So as you read this, imagine it is still Monday. I can’t deny being a happy girl today. After the stresses of the build … Continue reading

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